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The best thing about NOROCK is the quality. We operate seven days a week, lunch and dinner, 364 days a year, so it’s pretty good that they can handle that kind of rigorous restaurant customer usage, which is pretty heavy-handed. For us to have no problems after two and a half years is amazing!

Aaron Carr, Chef & Owner – Yarri, Australia

What I most like about NOROCK is they bring some desirability to dining outside and confidence that our guests won’t experience any negative effects from the tables. They’ve alleviated a lot of the issues I had with outdoor dining.

Josh Niland, Owner & Chef – Fish Butchery, Australia

The NOROCK bases remove the customer frustration of wobbly tables and unsteady food and drinks. Unsightly menus and serviettes stuffed under bases to balance tables have been an issue for both indoor and outdoor dining, NOROCK bases remove the problem elevating the customer experience.

Rich Collie, Global Head of Property Development – German Doner Kebabs, UK

NOROCK tables have eliminated the need for tacky-looking solutions to wobbly tables. They’re the most reliable restaurant tables we have ever worked with.

Marjorie Huntley, General Manager – Blue Sushi Sake Grill, USA
Josh Niland at Fish Butchery

NOROCK table bases have been a dream solution to an aspect of dining that has always frustrated the life out of me! To have a strong, resilient setting that looks fantastic has helped us realise a fantastic product and service at Charcoal Fish. We are so thrilled and proud to be working with NOROCK table bases.

Josh Niland, Owner & Chef – Charcoal Fish, Australia
Hutton Brickyards AHEAD winner featuring NOROCK self-stabilizing table bases

Wobbly tables have long been one of my biggest pet peeves in hotels and restaurants! I was thrilled to be introduced to NOROCK, it’s a high-quality, well-priced product that really does self-level. We have old concrete factory floors and not a wobbly table insight. I like that these bases don’t rely on bands or other parts that need replacing, they are simple ingenuity and look great, I would use these again and again on future projects and their service is very attentive too!

Kevin O’Shea, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer – Hutton Brickyards, USA

I love NOROCK, it’s a game-changer. To know that every single time that table is going to be fine in any situation, be it on the footpath, on our flat slabs or on the brick flooring we have in our function space — it’s right every time. To think that we can just drop and run — massive advantage!

Elliot Moore, Co-Owner – Besk, Australia

NOROCK table bases are fantastic. They are streamline and understated in design and most of all practical. The technology is amazing. I have been using NOROCK bases for years in my cafes and love them. I wouldn’t use anything else.

Daniela Kum, Owner – At Neutral, Australia
No wobbly tables at Wooden Paddle

Your bases are the real deal. Thanks again for bringing your product to my attention!

Jonathan Cowan, Owner – Wooden Paddle, USA
Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers & NOROCK self-stabilizing bar tables

Wobbly tables are a huge customer annoyance. This is a simple solution to help guarantee customer comfort – we have explored other options, but NOROCK is the best solution.

Scott Redler, CXO & Co-Founder – Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, USA

The team at NOROCK made my day when I discovered them. After spending months agonising over table bases for our marri table tops, Furniture Options pointed me in their direction. We couldn’t be happier with how the table bases finished our project for us.

Angie McHugh, Co-Owner – Parry Beach Weddings, Australia
Toby building a NOROCK self-stabilising table base

The design of these tables is revolutionary. Since purchasing we haven’t had to wedge a piece of card to steady the tables – this is a first in table design. Why did we have to wait so long!

Chris Galvin, Head Chef and Owner – Galvin Restaurants, UK

Furniture Options suggested the NOROCK Table Bases for our new venue. Their service and knowledge of this new technology was fantastic and we were confident that the bases would do exactly what they promised. As we are right by the ocean corrosion was a major concern of ours along with having uneven planked flooring. Furniture Options suggested using the Esplanade NOROCK Table Base as they are made with high-quality die-cast aluminium. It has stood up to the elements extremely well, while also being a stylish design. Our staff are thrilled with the NOROCK Table Bases as they don’t have to waste time running around to fix wobbly tables. As they are truly self-stabilising customers can move tables and the staff don’t have to worry about re-adjusting as the bases do it all by themselves!

Marcel Slobe, Owner – Hamptons City Beach, Australia

They seem to be indestructible and I can honestly say when you have both types of tables in your venue you realise jut how annoying a rocking table is!

Ryan Haigh – Artezen Restaurant, Australia

After 25 years in the hospitality industry, we were ecstatic to discover someone had finally produced a table base that is self-stabilizing. They are incredibly easy to use, and save a lot of time & hassle for both our staff & customers.

Sam Kern, Owner – Tucker

We are so pleased with the functionality that we are preparing to fit out the rest of the shop with NOROCK.

Craig McConville – Yallingup Roasting Company, Australia

When it came to planning the tables for the alfresco area at Will St, we chose NOROCK as the obvious answer to the daily setting of the tables on a sloping uneven brick paved area for a quick hassle free stable solution for the setting of food and drink.

Paul Lim, Director – Mata Design, Australia

We chose NOROCK as the obvious answer to the daily setting of the tables, for a quick hassle-free stable solution for the setting of food and drink.

Paul Lim, Director – Mata Design, Australia
NOROCK self-stabilising bar height base with marble table top at Dandelion

The Trail table bases were the obvious, perfect choice for Dandelion. Slim, seamless with the sleek, textural feel that sat perfectly with our custom stone table tops. The look, feel and reliability of a robust NOROCK base is a must-have for any successful hospitality project.

Jess Beaver, Architect – MJA Studio, Australia
iTL Italian Kitchen with NOROCK Parkway self-stabilising table bases

We love your [table] bases and the tech inside them!

Ryan Genesin, Director – Genesin Studio, Australia

The wobbly table issue is a niggly one for operator and customer. NOROCK [table bases] have addressed this age-old problem.

Michele Matonti, Head of Construction – Nandos UK

The NOROCK Advantage

Self-stabilising on any surface
Made to last, a sustainable choice
No maintenance or replacement parts
Award-winning design
No wobbles, no spills 
= millions of happy diners worldwide
Saves you time + money
Over 25 years of mastering 
stabilising technology
NOROCK 5 Year Warranty on self-stabilising mechanism
5 year warranty on our self-stabilising mechanism

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