NOROCK unveils NRxTMH self-stabilising table base at FuoriSalone Milan Design Week 2023

Milan Design Week is renowned for its ability to showcase innovative and groundbreaking design concepts. Among the remarkable exhibitions and displays, NOROCK, the next-generation of self-stabilising table bases, has collaborated with renowned Australian interior design studio Tom Mark Henry to introduce our latest product — the limited edition NRxTMH self-stabilising table base.

Our revolutionary creation promises to redefine stability and functionality in furniture design, and with its debut at FuoriSalone 2023, NOROCK and Tom Mark Henry have set a new standard for the industry, elevating the art of dining and hospitality.

With our cutting-edge technology and sleek aesthetics, NOROCK has consistently offered a seamless dining experience in various settings, from restaurants to cafes, and even outdoors — the NRxTMH self-stabilising table base takes this experience to new heights. Tom Mark Henry’s reputation as an industry-leading interior design studio made them the perfect partner for our latest venture. With their exceptional eye for aesthetics and practical design solutions, Tom Mark Henry brings a wealth of knowledge to the table (pun intended!). By merging NOROCK’s technical expertise with Tom Mark Henry’s design finesse, the collaboration produces a self-stabilising table base that transcends traditional expectations.

Together we’re celebrating the unique West Australian coastline we call home, and our self-stabilising tech has embodied a new form representing the undulating shapes of WA’s varying coastal landscapes and a rich, timeless colour palette. The four new colours introduced are Leeuwin Blue, Peppermint Green, Jarrah Brown and Pindan Red. We had one NRxTMH base in each colour on display, featuring American Oak table tops, colour-stained to match, by fellow West Australian Jack Flanagan.


Fuorisalone is an annual design event that takes place in Milan, Italy, concurrently with Milan Design Week. It is a vibrant celebration of creativity, innovation, and design excellence. Fuorisalone transforms the city into a hub of inspiration, as designers, architects, and enthusiasts from around the world gather to showcase their latest creations. The event goes beyond traditional exhibitions, spreading across various locations, including showrooms, galleries, and public spaces, creating a dynamic and immersive experience. Fuorisalone provides a platform for emerging talents and established brands alike to connect, collaborate, and share their visions, shaping the future of design and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.

During Fuorisalone, NOROCK made a captivating display at the stylish Charles Philip Milano gallery space, where we showcased our diverse range of products in two distinct settings—an inviting outdoor café environment (complete with Circuform’s Rex chair) and an impressive indoor exhibition. NOROCK Directors Toby Heyring and Claire Spalding enjoyed engaging with a multitude of attendees, including furniture distributors, interior designers, and fellow innovators, exchanging ideas and insights. During the launch night, everyone sipped on Campari while a DJ ensured that everyone had a fantastic time. The bustling city exuded an electrifying atmosphere, with an abundance of design events unfolding, and we loved being apart of it.


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