Elevating Dining Experiences: NOROCK’s Parkway Self-Stabilising Table Bases at Nando’s Denton, Manchester

In Manchester's vibrant Crownpoint Shopping Park stands a new Nando's store, designed by the acclaimed MorenoMasey.

Nando's Denton

Location Manchester, United Kingdom
Market Sector Restaurant, Café, Fast Food
Specifier Nando's, MorenoMasey, Hill Cross Furniture

Nando’s Denton is a contemporary masterpiece which only boasts a unique aesthetic but also showcases the seamless integration of functionality and style. One of the key elements contributing to the overall appeal of the restaurant is the use of NOROCK’s Parkway self-stabilising table bases, skillfully supplied by our esteemed UK partner, Hill Cross Furniture.

Our Parkway, a flagship product from NOROCK, is more than just a table base; it’s a testament to innovation and precision engineering. Crafted with a blend of excellence and sophistication, the exposed componentry and minimalist design of Parkway captivates. The use of zinc-plated steel not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of modern elegance to the tables. Exposed fasteners, meticulously incorporated into the design, showcase the table’s structural integrity while adding an industrial flair. What truly sets Parkway apart is its dichotomous simplicity. The deliberate choice of materials and the exposed nature of the components tell a story of authenticity and purpose. It’s a design that doesn’t just meet functional requirements but elevates the overall dining experience.

At Nando’s Denton, the Parkway table bases seamlessly blend with MorenoMasey’s architectural vision, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and aesthetically pleasing. The self-stabilising technology embedded in our table bases ensures that every dining experience is smooth and wobble-free. Whether guests are enjoying a leisurely meal or engaging in lively conversations, NOROCK adds assurance to every moment.

Hill Cross Furniture, our trusted partner, played a pivotal role in bringing NOROCK self-stabilising table bases to Nando’s. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail align seamlessly with NOROCK’s values, making them the perfect collaborator for this project.

The attention to detail paid in the design of Nando’s Denton at Crownpoint Shopping Park is a testament to MorenoMasey’s vision. A dining space that not only delights the senses but also exemplifies the perfect marriage of form and function. As patrons immerse themselves in the inviting ambience of Nando’s Denton, they can appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship and design prowess behind every detail, including our self-stabilising table bases that anchor the dining experience in stability and style.

Nando’s Denton: Worthington Way, Unit 5, Crown Point North Shopping Park, M34 3JP

The NOROCK bases have really helped us whilst at the same time looking the part from a design perspective, being simple, clean and sleek engineering.

Michele Matonti, Head of Construction – Nandos UK

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