Iconic coffee chain Tim Hortons embraces self-stabilising table bases

TIm Hortons with NOROCK Lunar self-stabilising disc table bases

Tim Hortons, Canada's iconic coffee and donut chain, is constantly seeking ways to enhance its customers' dining experience. In a bid to provide stability and comfort, Tim Hortons has recently implemented NOROCK self-stabilising table bases in its cafés.

Tim Hortons

Location Worldwide
Market Sector Café, Restaurant Chain
Specifier Jadon Outdoors, Tim Hortons

Whether you’re caught in the whirlwind of your busy morning rush or enjoying a leisurely afternoon coffee at Tim Hortons, one thing you can count on is a dining experience free from the annoyance of wobbly tables. The next-generation patented technology in our table bases allows them to self-stabilise on any surface, ensuring a steady platform for food and drinks. This stability significantly enhances customer comfort and prevents spills, accidents, and overall customer dissatisfaction (no bad online reviews courtesy of a wobbly table here!).

Since 1964, Tim Hortons has grown into a global quick-service restaurant chain, serving approximately 14 countries. Here at NOROCK, we love collaborating with renowned chains like Tim Hortons, as our self-stabilising table bases are built to withstand this kind of fast-paced environment. We all know that standard table bases are unstable on uneven surfaces — but they can also rock on perfectly even floors, making it a constant challenge for restaurant owners and staff. Our table bases automatically adjust to any surface, ensuring a stable table regardless of the floor’s condition, meaning Tim Hortons offers consistent no-rock tables for their customers. Our Lunar disc base and Trail T-Base, paired with wooden table tops, seamlessly integrate into the overall design of their warm and inviting cafés.

By partnering with NOROCK’s Canadian distributor Jadon Outdoors, Tim Hortons demonstrates its unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience. This partnership showcases Tim Hortons’ dedication to continuous innovation and improvement. With the elimination of wobbly tables, customers can now enjoy their favourite Tim Hortons baked goods with added comfort and peace of mind for years to come. Does anyone else feel like a Boston Cream donut is calling their name right now?!

Tim Hortons: Locations throughout Canada and America, pictured is Vaughan, Ontario.

NOROCK has solved one of the biggest issues in the hospitality industry. It’s a beautiful thing when necessity meets function with brilliant design.

Andy Burt, President – Jadon Outdoors Inc.

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