Stability and serenity at The Terrace in the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

The Terrace featuring NOROCK's Esplanade self-stabilising table bases

Enjoy a meal surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers at The Terrace, nestled in the heart of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

The Terrace

Location Melbourne, Australia
Market Sector Café, Function Venue
Specifier Darling Group, Techne Architecture & Interior Design, Design Nation

A haven for nature enthusiasts and food lovers alike, The Terrace has been revamped recently by one of Melbourne’s leading hospitality groups, Darling Group (also responsible for Top Paddock, Higher Ground, and The Kettle Black, to name but a few). And of course, we’re talking about it because they sagely decided to include NOROCK self-stabilising table bases to further enhance their comfortable dining environment.

One of the major highlights of The Terrace is its idyllic location within the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. The picturesque views and tranquil ambience make it the perfect spot to relax, and with our white Esplanade table bases, your connection with nature remains uninterrupted. Sip your morning coffee or enjoy lunch while the birds chirp and a gentle breeze rustles the leaves around you… NOROCK makes it that little bit more peaceful when you’re not distracted by a wobbly table!

Techne Architecture & Interior Design, with the help of NOROCK distributor Design Nation, have meticulously crafted the café’s design, taking into account every detail. The space showcases a harmonious blend of elements, including a variety of different tabletops paired with our table bases, including a stunning terrazzo. The result is a visually captivating environment that exudes both sophistication and comfort.

With a rich history spanning over 170 years, The Terrace holds a special place in Melbourne’s heart. Alongside the charming café, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating, the establishment also boasts a dedicated functions space for special occasions. The modern Australian menu is a testament to the high-quality seasonal ingredients utilised.

Time to take that mindful stroll through the gardens with a perfect picturesque storybook ending at The Terrace.

The Terrace: Enter via Gate A – Alexandra Avenue & Anderson Street, South Yarra, Victoria.

Photos by Lulu Cavanagh

The NOROCK table bases combine a beautiful aesthetic with clever engineering which subtly, but importantly, enhances our guest experience. No more rocking tables!

Nicholas Seoud, Director – Darling Group

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