Parry Beach Weddings: Elevating the perfect day with NOROCK Self-Stabilising Table Bases

A wedding venue needs to present beautifully but it also needs to operate completely seamlessly for the bridal party, guests and event staff alike, Stella's at Parry Beach gets this.

Parry Beach Weddings

Location Denmark, Western Australia
Market Sector Function Venue
Specifier Furniture Options

Parry Beach’s style is complete elegance amongst the beautiful southwest Australian coastline, and with a bit of NOROCK magic, their tables are both stunning and practical. NOROCK’s Parkway self-stabilising table bases in both dining and bar height offer the venue complete flexibility, they can be used inside or outside, be moved around into different layout configurations and keep food and drinks firmly on the table where they belong.


Pictures by Dion Robeson, courtesy of Parry Beach.

The team at NOROCK made my day when I discovered them. After spending months agonising over table bases for our marri table tops, Furniture Options pointed me in their direction. We couldn’t be happier with how the table bases finished our project for us.

Angie McHugh, Co-Owner – Parry Beach Weddings, Australia

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