Alfresco dining: Tucker Café in Sydney chooses NOROCK table bases

Exterior shot of Tucker cafe in Sydney featuriung NOROCK's Parkway self-stabilising table base

A bustling café needs every customer touchpoint to just work — that's where NOROCK self-stabilising table bases come in.


Location Sydney, Australia
Market Sector Café
Specifier Café owners

Tucker is a café in Sydney, Australia who say their secret is that they only make what they love to eat — wholesome seasonal meals. Their customers return again and again, and one way to ensure the return of customers is to make sure the entire customer experience is seamless.

The owner of Tucker, Sam Kern, has incorporated our Parkway self-stabilising table in matte black in the café — it was a must particularly for the uneven concrete outside. This ensures one more customer experience is seamless — no wobbly tables, no spilt coffee, just enjoyment of their offerings.

After 25 years in the hospitality industry, we were ecstatic to discover someone had finally produced a table base that is self-stabilizing. They are incredibly easy to use, and save a lot of time & hassle for both our staff & customers.

Sam Kern, Owner – Tucker

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