Claire Ritchie

Claire Ritchie

Sales + Marketing Coordinator

At NOROCK we have two Claires, it’s all part of a hiring policy we have in place… no, kidding, we just really like Claires!

Claire Ritchie started working at NOROCK in 2019, and at first her inbox received emails regarding accounts payable and receivable, payroll, digital marketing, and sales administration from all over the world. In 2021 Claire moved into a more sales and marketing focussed role, but still, no two days are the same for Claire, and with her varied background, it’s no wonder.

Claire grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and worked in office administration for several years before studying a Diploma of IT (Website Development). Claire then designed and developed websites for over ten years in agencies, in-house, and freelance. Once her first daughter was born, Claire and her husband decided to move to the beautiful southwest to be closer to family, and she has since graduated with a Bachelor of Communications (Creative Services). Claire describes seeing the job advert for NOROCK as serendipitous and loves the variety in her role and watching the company grow.

It is true, everyone has a wobbly table story, my favourite was when a lady offered me her table at a café and declared loudly that it was “a very wobbly table!” It definitely wasn’t a NOROCK.

Claire loves bushwalking and enjoying the beautiful forests and beaches in the southwest, and thinks there’s nothing more perfect than a pizza done right (and served on a stable table!).

When Claire Spalding first demonstrated the product to me, I was blown away by the simplicity (and its beauty) – how did I not know this product existed? I now feel like some kind of preacher, I just want everyone to know the world can be saved from wobbly tables!

Favourite NOROCK self-stabilising table base: Lunar

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