Claire Spalding

Claire Spalding

Sales + Marketing Director

Claire Spalding is a brand strategist by trade, having almost twenty years of international experience in marketing and brand strategy. With a double degree in Marketing and Public Relations, Claire brings a wealth of experience to NOROCK with her work in the interiors, FMCG and software industries. At NOROCK, as well as building the brand name and product recognition, Claire devises strategies to assist our worldwide distributors, and manages our marketing campaigns and material. Claire also organises and presents at NOROCK’s international tradeshow appearances and loves to talk about the product’s simplicity. When demonstrating the product, Claire enjoys watching peoples reactions as they are always so in awe of how seamless it is and how it solves an age-old problem everyone just thinks they have to live with.

Everyone’s got a wobbly table story! My pet hate is cutting into my breakfast and the table wobbles so much that my tea splashes everywhere. I am now dealing with less tea (which is a tragedy for me in the mornings) and trying to soak it all up with napkins.

Outside of NOROCK, Claire sits on several boards and is the mother of two young children, Florence and Freddie. You might think that would mean Claire has no time for hobbies, but she manages to fit in beekeeping, pottery, and growing, cooking and eating delicious food. Living in a beachside town in the South West of Australia, Claire enjoys being surrounded by some of the best wineries, beaches and not to mention kangaroos, in the world. Claire can’t wait to start travelling again, and would love to return to Italy (she loves Italian food, but who doesn’t?!), discover more of New England, and head back to Austin for Franklins’ BBQ.

Favourite NOROCK self-stabilising table base: NRxTMH

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