Toby Heyring

Toby Heyring

Co-Inventor / Founder + Technical Director

Toby is the son of serial inventor Chris Heyring, so it’s in his DNA to see a problem as something that’s just waiting to be solved. Although Toby studied business at university, his way of thinking meant he was destined to become a designer.

When yet another frustrating wobbly table interrupted their dining experience, father and son set out to figure out a simple solution to one of the world’s most common problems. And so, NOROCK was born.

You can usually find Toby in his workshop busy with new designs and developments for the NOROCK product range. Toby works closely with our suppliers to ensure the best manufacturing processes are being used. When not designing and testing prototypes, Toby enjoys keeping in touch with our global selling partners and travelling worldwide exhibiting at shows.

I never get tired of showing people how the technology works. People can’t believe how subtle and simple it is — you can see the gears in their brain working and then it is clarity. I love this moment.

NOROCK is based in the South West of Australia, where the people live for the outdoors. Toby is serious about deep-sea fishing and mountain biking and loves to avoid the cold weather in winter by heading to the far north of Western Australia with his family. Up North, he extends his design-led thinking to come up with ways to avoid the saltwater crocodiles and fight off the sharks to keep his fish when out fishing.

Favourite NOROCK self-stabilising table base:  Parkway

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