Eliminating wobbly tables: Besk Bar’s flawless fit-out

What happens when an architect and a liquor store owner decide to open a bar? Besk!


Location West Leederville, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Bar
Specifier Braham Architects

With pesky uneven pavement outdoors, Besk knew they needed a solution. What they found in our Terrace was not only a self-stabilising table base but also one that folds and nests easily to ensure staff can get tables inside quickly as the weather changes, or at opening and closing times.

The design of the large space in West Leederville, Western Australia, was a big consideration, particularly given one co-owner, Ben Braham, also heads up Braham Architects. But it was important for all that the space was comfortable and relaxing to locals and visitors alike, and that in turn led to a discussion with NOROCK about the best seating experience for their customers. One with no wobbles, but also one with no compromise on design. Co-owner Elliot Moore calls NOROCK “a game-changer” and it really gives him, and all his staff, peace of mind that the tables just work, they don’t even need to think about it.

We absolutely love Besk — it captures exactly what NOROCK is all about, a flawless customer experience — lunch or dinner that’s all about the food and drink, and absolutely no time away from your conversation to stuff a napkin under a table leg!

Besk: 264/270 Railway Parade, West Leederville, Western Australia

I love NOROCK, it’s a game-changer. To know that every single time that table is going to be fine in any situation, be it on the footpath, on our flat slabs or on the brick flooring we have in our function space — it’s right every time. To think that we can just drop and run — massive advantage!

Elliot Moore, Co-Owner – Besk, Australia

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