Short Order: A juicy burger restaurant without the mess

Short Order Burgers and Fries on a NOROCK table

Okay, we can't vouch for the delicious burger juices not making a bit of a mess, but we can vouch for there being no wobbly-table-related mess!

Short Order

Location Fremantle and Perth, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Café, Fast Food
Specifier Mata Design

If it’s nearing lunchtime, dinnertime, or you’re even just remotely hungry — we apologise for the following content — your hunger is about to get so much worse. This food is the kind that you can’t look at without it hitting you that you really need it. And if you’re into ogling restaurant design, well that’s here, too!

Burger-lover Simon Kony launched Short Order, initially a part-time venture at a Fremantle food court, in 2015. It was busy, people loved it and so, sure enough, Short Order grew into two thriving full-time restaurants in Fremantle and Perth, Australia. Both restaurants feature cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, wings, fries and more, all cooked to perfection, with a drinks list including sodas and (Fremantle only) made-to-order cocktails. You really can’t go wrong for a date night, mates night, or dinner for one.

It’s not just the great food, it’s the great restaurant design. Mata Design Studio, who already have a few fabulous restaurants featuring NOROCK, including one shortlisted for an Eat Drink Design award, have cultivated a minimalist 1950s diner aesthetic in Short Order’s restaurant design. It’s all in the details: the warm wood panelling, the checkerboard floor, the fun posters on the walls, and our very-own Parkway self-stabilising table bases setting off the red and white table tops. Beautiful and functional restaurant design. We love it.

So don’t walk, you need to run — or get on a plane, train or automobile — and make your way to Short Order for the food you rightfully deserve. While you’re there, enjoy the peace of knowing your table won’t be wobbly.


Short Order: 3 William Street, Fremantle

We chose NOROCK as the obvious answer to the daily setting of the tables, for a quick hassle-free stable solution for the setting of food and drink.

Paul Lim, Director – Mata Design, Australia

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