Martin Bolick

Martin Bolick

VP Sales - Americas

Martin is our eyes and ears to the American market, and seriously this guy’s cell phone gets a workout talking to someone in Texas one minute and New York the next! Martin started working in residential furniture in 1999 before switching over to commercial furniture in 2004. Working with a variety of high-end commercial furniture manufacturers, Martin developed a real passion for unique products that solve everyday problems for customers, just like NOROCK.

Day-to-day Martin assists our representatives, dealers, designers and specifiers at national firms, and even our end-users with the full NOROCK product range, including sales training and providing demonstrations. Martin speaks with everyone about NOROCK from national fast-food chains to your mom-and-pop stores, and he loves to travel all over promoting our product.

I have previously sold self-stabilizing table bases but found NOROCK to be a much better mousetrap. I love that NOROCK is a simple set it and forget it product.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Martin moved to the Chicagoland area in 1999 and is a proud father and husband with a great love for the outdoors. Martin loves “eating up asphalt” riding through the countryside on his motorcycle. He’ll travel anywhere but there is a special place in his heart for the open country of the Western US. When he’s not riding, you’re likely to find Martin either dining at a seafood restaurant or cooking up something on his grill.

High-end designs and superior function elevates our bases out of the commodity market. This allows customers to purchase a great product for a reasonable price. No one likes wobbly tables and that includes me!

Favourite NOROCK self-stabilising table base: Trail

Give Martin a call on +1 (630) 235-9940 or email


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