Josh Niland: A culinary maestro sets sail with Oceania Cruises Chef of the Year Award

Josh Niland at Fish Butchery

Josh Niland has been named the Oceania Cruises Chef of the Year for The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2024, with Petermen and Saint Peter winning Two Hats awards.

In partnership with his wife Julie Niland, the Nilands are the creative forces driving the success of Saint Peter, Charcoal Fish, Petermen, and Fish Butchery – a quartet of restaurants that have redefined the seafood dining experience in Australia. Notably, both Petermen and Saint Peter have clinched the prestigious Two Hats distinction, further cementing Niland’s status as a trailblazer in the culinary world.

Alongside Charcoal Fish, Petermen and Fish Butchery’s delicious menus, patrons at these restaurants are dining on NOROCK self-stabilising table bases, a testament to the Nilands’ attention to detail and pursuit of perfection.

What sets Niland apart is his groundbreaking approach to fish butchery. He has demonstrated mastery in maximising the yield of each fish, showcasing the potential of lesser-known, yet equally delectable, parts of the catch. His innovative techniques have reduced waste and opened up a new world of flavours and textures for seafood enthusiasts.

With his dedication to sustainability, unmatched culinary expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Josh Niland has not only conquered the dining scene in Sydney but has also made a profound impact on the global culinary stage. His accolades stand as a testament to the fact that the future of dining lies in the hands of visionaries like him, who are rewriting the rules of gastronomy one dish at a time.

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Josh Niland, Chef & Co-Owner – Petermen, Australia

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