Fish Butchery: the whole fish and no wobbly tables

Fish Butchery Waterloo

Josh and Julie Niland's fourth venue in Waterloo is the bigger sister to Fish Butchery in Paddington, Sydney.

Fish Butchery

Location Waterloo, Sydney, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Café
Specifier Josh Niland

There’s no stopping Josh and Julie Niland, not long after opening their third venue, Charcoal Fish, comes their fourth venue — Fish Butchery Waterloo. With its cabinet also brimming with the tastiest seafood dishes delivered fast and fresh, Fish Butchery is nearly double the size of its big sister over in Paddington, Sydney.

And like Charcoal Fish, the venue has chosen NOROCK’s self-stabilising Terrace table base to ensure diners are happy as a clam. No wobbly tables mean their customers can focus on the delicious feast in front of them, as well as taking steady Reels on their phones (get it? Fishing reel? Sorry, we’ll cut the Dad jokes). “NOROCK assists our overall vision here at Fish Butchery, and also Charcoal Fish, by adding a layer of detail, like we do with fish, that maybe doesn’t get seen,” Josh enthuses.

Fish Butchery is all about treating fish similar to how meat has been treated for years, and Josh’s menu really makes the most of the whole fish, with delicious dishes you’ll want to come back for again.



What I most like about NOROCK is they bring some desirability to dining outside and confidence that our guests won’t experience any negative effects from the tables. They’ve alleviated a lot of the issues I had with outdoor dining.

Josh Niland, Co-Owner & Chef – Fish Butchery, Australia

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