Enhancing social experiences: NOROCK’s table bases at Uptown Social Charleston

When it comes to crafting unforgettable social experiences, few places do it better than Uptown Social Bar & Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina.

Uptown Social Bar & Restaurant

Location Charleston, South Carolina
Market Sector Bar, Restaurant, Function Venue
Specifier Uptown Hospitality Group

Nestled in the heart of this historic city, Uptown Social has become a local icon, known for its vibrant atmosphere. Better yet, none of the fun is spoilt by a wobbly table!

Uptown Social is celebrated for its commitment to providing a one-of-a-kind environment where people can create memories. Yet, it’s the subtle details, often overlooked, that they meticulously attend to, which ultimately culminate in these seamless experiences. For example, inside and out they have implemented our NOROCK EsplanadeAvenue and Trail self-stabilizing table bases ensuring that guests can dine and socialize without any table wobbles or spills, allowing them to immerse themselves in the moment.

The versatility of our self-stabilizing table bases shines through not only in their design but also in the range of colors available to complement your space. Uptown Social’s table bases, available in both Metallic Silver and Sandstone Black finishes, seamlessly blend with any chosen tabletop and complement the existing decor. This integration not only elevates the overall interior design but also underscores Uptown’s dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, our self-stabilizing table bases contribute to a safer dining experience. In high-traffic bars and restaurants like Uptown Social, ensuring stability eliminates the risk of accidental spills or toppling, providing peace of mind to both patrons and staff.

Enough about us though, we know what you’re keen to find out more about! Uptown Social know what constitutes a great time, reflected in everything from their signature cocktails to their carefully chosen beer selection. The culinary experience does not stop there, with their exceptional thin and crispy pizzas (their Wake n Bacon was featured on Food Paradise!), ideal for enjoying with your friends. Or grab their wings, or a share plate or two, to enjoy communal dining at its best. With an unwavering focus on both flavor and atmosphere, Uptown Social guarantees that each visit transcends your expectations.

The collaboration between NOROCK and Uptown Social in Charleston, South Carolina, showcases the perfect marriage of form and function. The installation of our self-stabilizing table bases exemplifies their attention to detail and elevates the dining experience, offering a space where moments become memories, and connections flourish.

So, whether you’re savoring a delectable meal or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, you’re bound to have fun at Uptown Social.

Uptown Social: 587 King St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

Absolute game changer! We tried NOROCK at our newest location, and after a year of use we are changing out the table bases in our other locations across three states.

Brian Dodd, Owner – Uptown Hospitality Group, USA

Contact a NOROCK rep in your state, or get in touch with our VP Sales Americas, Martin Bolick, for a demonstration or free trial.

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