Wooden Paddle: a pizza restaurant in Illinois

Wooden Paddle, pizza restaurant in Lemont, Illinois

When our VP Sales Martin Bolick heard about the new pizza place due to open in his hometown of Lemont, he got excited. You see, like everyone in the world (we won't hear otherwise), Martin loves pizza. And like everyone in the world, Martin does not want to eat his pizza on a wobbly table.

Wooden Paddle

Location Illinois, USA
Market Sector Restaurant, Café, Bar
Specifier Wooden Paddle

So, what was Martin to do? He went right in and chatted to Jonathan Cowan, owner of Wooden Paddle — and fellow pizza-lover — and before Martin had even finished eating a slice the restaurant was kitted out with both our Trail and Trail T-Base self-stabilizing table bases.

Wooden Paddle describes their restaurant as being “like a grown-up pizza party” — so maybe your hands will get a little messy with some pizza sauce, but unless you yourself get a little too messy (if you know what we mean, they do have a really good looking drinks list), your food and drink will stay right where you expect them to: on the table. No wobbles, no spills, it’s the NOROCK way.

So America, on this your National Pizza Day, it is your duty to head on out to your local pizza place (and Lemont, look no further) and devour a pizza.



Your bases are the real deal. Thanks again for bringing your product to my attention!

Jonathan Cowan, Owner – Wooden Paddle, USA

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