Seaside Dining Perfected: Hamptons City Beach with NOROCK’s self-stabilising table bases

Hamptons City Beach on the outdoor balcony featuring NOROCK Esplanade self-stabilising table base

In Western Australia where NOROCK was born, we have glistening oceans to sit by and enjoy quality local produce; Hamptons City Beach is now one of those magic venues.

Hamptons City Beach

Location City Beach, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Bar
Specifier Furniture Options

This brand new build is situated on the coast and required a full fit-out by our distributor Furniture Options. The NOROCK Esplanade was the ideal fit for both design and function on the outside balcony by the ocean.

Our staff are thrilled with the NOROCK Table Bases as they don’t have to waste time running around to fix wobbly tables. As they are truly self-stabilising, customers can move tables and the staff don’t have to worry about re-adjusting as the bases do it all by themselves!

Marcel Slobe, Owner – Hamptons City Beach, Australia

As we are right by the ocean corrosion was a major concern of ours along with having uneven planked flooring. Furniture Options suggested using the Esplanade NOROCK Table Base as they are made with high-quality die-cast aluminium. It has stood up to the elements extremely well, while also being a stylish design.

Marcel Slobe, Owner – Hamptons City Beach, Australia

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