Unmatched luxury dining at Gibney in Cottesloe

Welcome to Gibney, the latest prestigious venue from the Kailis Hospitality Group, located on the iconic Marine Parade in Cottesloe, Western Australia.


Location Cottesloe, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Bar, Function Venue
Specifier District, Rezen, Kailis Hospitality Group

Kailis Hospitality Group is renowned for setting the benchmark in Perth’s beachside hospitality scene. Focusing on flavour-driven food, expertly curated wines, and impeccable service in stunning locations, their latest venue Gibney exemplifies this standard. As a sophisticated brasserie and grill, it offers breathtaking oceanfront views from Cottesloe to Rottnest Island.

Designed by the award-winning design studio Rezen, the luxurious dining areas at Gibney are enhanced by the installation of our self-stabilising table bases, provided by NOROCK partner District. Our NRxTMH 21 bases in Peppermint Tree Green grace the outdoor areas perfectly matching the umbrellas, while our elegant Lunar 17 and 30 disc bases are featured throughout. This careful attention to detail ensures both aesthetics and functionality, allowing guests to enjoy their meals without the distraction of wobbly tables.

Gibney’s menu is a culinary tribute to old-world brasseries and steakhouses, focusing on classic flavours and timeless presentations. Head Chef James Cole-Bowen explains, “We’ve drawn inspiration from the great bistros and brasseries from the past by remaining true to what has come before. Classic presentations, sauces, and flavour combinations bring Gibney into the present and beyond.”

Expect to see chefs table-side, showcasing the best of Western Australia’s producers. The menu leans heavily towards seafood, steak, homemade pasta, and luxurious snacks — including a caviar bar. The drinks menu is equally impressive, featuring Perth’s largest champagne selection.

Gibney is a testament to KHG’s dedication to exceptional hospitality, joining a portfolio that includes Island Market Trigg and Kailis Fish Market Cafe. With its stunning waterfront setting, impeccable service, and the reliability of our NOROCK self-stabilising table bases, Gibney offers an unparalleled dining experience in Cottesloe.

Explore Gibney and discover how NOROCK table bases contribute to a seamless and sophisticated dining environment, reflecting our commitment to quality and detail.


Gibney: 40 Marine Parade, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia


Photos by D-Max Photography

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