Nando’s Reigate: A new interior by FUSION

NOROCK Parkway Self-stabilising table bases in Nando's

In the popular town of Reigate in Surrey, England, a new Nando's has arrived.

Nando's Reigate

Location Reigate, England, UK
Market Sector Restaurant, Café
Specifier Hill Cross Furniture

Reigate, a picturesque and well-liked town in Surrey, England, had it all — except a Nando’s! Enter interior design firm FUSION Design and Architecture with a fit-out including our NOROCK self-stabilising table bases thanks to our UK distributor Hill Cross Furniture.

Not to be fooled by the quaint country charm of the exterior, the interior is colourful and fun. Our Parkway table base ensures wobble-free dining for that delicious spicy chicken.

NOROCK have addressed an age-old problem — the wobbly table issue.

Michele Matonti, Head of Construction – Nandos UK

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