Savouring flavors, stabilising moments: Nando’s Addlestone

Nando's Addelstone UK featuring NOROCK Parkway self-stabilising table bases

In the heart of Surrey, within the bustling Addlestone One shopping centre, stands a culinary haven that not only tantalises taste buds with its flame-grilled Afro-Portuguese cuisine but also captivates patrons with its stunning design and innovative features.

Nando's Addlestone

Location Addlestone, United Kingdom
Market Sector Restaurant, Café, Fast Food
Specifier Nando's, MorenoMasey, Hill Cross Furniture

Nando’s Addlestone restaurant, designed by the renowned MorenoMasey, has blended cultural vibrancy with modern aesthetics. One of the features that elevate the dining experience at Nando’s Addlestone is the integration of NOROCK Parkway self-stabilising table bases supplied by our UK partner Hill Cross Furniture, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and innovation.

MorenoMasey, a distinguished design firm known for its avant-garde approach, has left an indelible mark on Nando’s Addlestone restaurant. Vibrant hues intermingle with wooden elements, creating an ambience that transports diners to a world where culinary delight meets visual splendour. Supporting beautiful wooden tabletops, our Parkway self-stabilising table bases are seamlessly incorporated into the restaurant’s layout. Our cutting-edge table bases are not just a functional addition but a testament to our commitment to providing a flawless dining experience. Our patented technology ensures that tables remain stable on any surface, eliminating the wobble that often plagues restaurant tables and enhancing the overall comfort of patrons. This attention to detail underscores Nando’s dedication to creating a dining environment where guests can focus on savouring every bite of their meals without any distractions.

Hill Cross Furniture, as the UK partner of NOROCK, has played a pivotal role in bringing this innovative solution to Nando’s Addlestone. The collaboration reflects a shared vision of combining aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that the restaurant’s design not only wows visitors but also serves as a practical and enjoyable space for dining. Our table bases, with their sleek and modern design, seamlessly blend with MorenoMasey’s overall aesthetic, contributing to the restaurant’s cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Nando’s Addlestone, known for its signature flame-grilled chicken in spicy chilli sauce, provides an enjoyable dining experience. The incorporation of our self-stabilising table bases not only complements the restaurant’s commitment to excellence but also enhances the overall enjoyment for guests. Imagine relishing the succulent peri-peri chicken while seated at a table that remains steadfast and stable, allowing you to focus solely on the exquisite flavours dancing on your palate!

Nando’s Addlestone restaurant stands as a testament to the seamless integration of design, innovation, and culinary excellence. MorenoMasey’s creative vision, coupled with the cutting-edge technology of NOROCK Parkway table bases supplied by Hill Cross Furniture, creates a dining experience that is as visually captivating as it is gastronomically delightful. As patrons indulge in the Afro-Portuguese delights, they are also treated to a symphony of design and innovation, making Nando’s Addlestone a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable culinary journey in the heart of Surrey.

Nando’s Addelstone: Station Rd, Addlestone One, Addlestone KT15 2GN

NOROCK have addressed an age-old problem — the wobbly table issue.

Michele Matonti, Head of Construction – Nandos UK

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