Tom’s Providore & Wine Bar: Shortlisted for the Eat Drink Design Awards

Outdoor dining at Tom's Providore & Wine Bar with NOROCK self-stabilising table bases

As a Supporting Partner for the Eat Drink Design Awards this year, we've been poring over the entries even closer than normal. They are all exceptional, and Tom's Providore & Wine Bar is no different.

Tom's Providore

Location Perth, Australia
Market Sector Bar, Restaurant
Specifier Mata Design, Innerspace

Mata Design Studio has done it again, we’ve just been talking about Short Order’s fun and functional restaurant design and now here they are with a deli and wine bar combo in Tom’s Providore & Wine Bar. Tom’s outdoor dining is where you’ll want to be this summer in Perth — DIY your own charcuterie board and sip on a glass of Rosé while you soak up the setting sun. You could be anywhere in the world (well, anywhere with good weather!), it’s the perfect staycation activity.


Alfresco dining can be tricky for hospitality operators, there is often uneven pavement or concrete to contend with, but there’s no need to put up with wobbly tables. Here Mata has used our Terrace self-stabilising table base, supplied by NOROCK distributor Innerspace, which solves the unstable table issue (just set and forget) while looking sophisticated. We love the round black tabletops they’ve been paired with here, the whole setting oozes European-design sensibility. Our Terrace also ensures a quick set-up and pack away as it folds and nests to be stored inside easily and in compact spaces. Tom’s is one of those spots the locals will come back to regularly, while visitors will simply have to add it to their Perth bucket list.


While we’re going on and on about the outdoor dining experience, we’d be remiss not to mention the incredible curated retail experience inside. That is why they are up for an Eat Drink Design Award this month — for Best Retail Design. We’re really excited to see who wins each and every award, we’ve already saved the whole shortlist to drop in on as we tour our way across Australia. NOROCK isn’t just a supporting partner to the Eat Drink Design Awards, we’re also a supporting partner to each and every venue that uses our products — too cheesy? Well, maybe order less cheese on your charcuterie board! 😉

Tom’s Providore: Meade House, 290 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6000

We chose NOROCK as the obvious answer to the daily setting of the tables, for a quick hassle-free stable solution for the setting of food and drink.

Paul Lim, Director – Mata Design, Australia

Don't forget to buy your tickets to the awards presentation of the Eat Drink Design Awards — we can't wait to see you there!

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