RAFI: The playful and colourful restaurant we all need in our lives

RAFI burst onto the Sydney dining scene in October 2022, a dazzling display of interior design with the food and drink to match.


Location North Sydney, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Bar
Specifier Luchetti Krelle, James Richardson Furniture

You can see from our photos that RAFI by Applejack Hospitality is akin to four venues in one, with each section seemingly having its own special power. This sweeping 300-seat restaurant is a “maximalist mash-up of materials and pigment pairings where punchy primary shades mingle with power pastels” according to designers Luchetti Krelle.

And in this mash-up? Luchetti Krelle, through our distributor James Richardson Furniture (JRF), chose three different NOROCK self-stabilising table bases complement their carefully chosen tabletops. In one zone, our Lunar disc table base provides the perfect spot to relax by the window, cocktail in hand. Outside for RAFI’s terrace? Well, it has to be our Terrace base, born to be moved inside and out, nested and stored neatly. To cap it off, our popular Trail holds up the most delightful blue tabletops. You know the tabletops are good when ArchitectureAU makes specific mention of them: “Even tabletops take on various shapes and configurations, ranging from squares, rectangles, to circles with scalloped edges, with the exciting diversity of a children’s toybox.” Just as well NOROCK suits various tabletops, there’s no need to stick to one type which is definitely pleasing to the eye of both customers and interior designers alike.

RAFI is fantastic for functions, which we can provide a testament to, as we love RAFI so much we chose it to host our NOROCK Australia launch lunch.

RAFI is not just a pretty face, already winning One Hat in The SMH Good Food Guide Awards 2023 and their raw tuna dish was described by the Sydney Morning Herald as one of Sydney’s “best dishes of the year”. Using fresh and local ingredients to concoct the perfect meal, even the perfect drink (did we mention the cocktails?!), RAFI is set to become a Sydney institution.

Update August 2023: RAFI has been shortlisted for the 2023 Restaurant and Bar Design Awards – Australia & Pacific – Standalone, 2023 Eat Drink Design Awards – Best Restaurant Design, and the 2023 Interior Design Excellence Awards – Hospitality — our fingers are crossed!

Update September 2023: Luchetti Krelle has won Gold at the Better Future Sydney Design Awards for RAFI – congratulations!

Update October 2023: RAFI has been awarded One Hat in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2024 – read more.

RAFI: 99 Mount Street, North Sydney, New South Wales

Photos by Traianos Pakioufakis

Hospitality is a tough environment for furniture. The demands of high use for multiple users each day, together with the requirement to be moved around often by staff and patrons at a whim place major pressure on the standard of products. To have a piece of furniture stand up to the test is reassuring. Furthermore, for the product to deliver consistency in providing a solid flat surface across different surfaces makes for an easy choice.

Stuart Krelle, Director – Luchetti Krelle

Having self-stabilising tables in a space with sandstone flooring has saved us so much time and effort, not to mention looks so much better than having a napkin sticking out from underneath a table. They are sturdy and solid while still fitting the aesthetics of the venue.

Shaun Brown, General Manager – RAFI

Ready to join us in the fight against wobbly tables? Get in touch with us today.

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