Award-winning restaurants, award-winning tables: Celebrating The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2024 Winners

In a celebration of culinary excellence, The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Food Guide 2024 has unveiled its coveted hat ratings, bestowing honours on the finest dining establishments in Sydney.

Congratulations to all the exceptional restaurants that have been adorned with one, two, or three hats in The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2024, showcasing their unparalleled dedication to their craft. We were thrilled to see some of our favourite dining establishments, including RAFI, Shell House Dining Room and Terrace, Pellegrino 2000, and Petermen, being honoured. These exceptional restaurants go the extra mile in perfecting every facet of the dining experience and proudly feature NOROCK’s Red Dot and Good Design award-winning self-stabilising table bases to ensure a wobbly table won’t ruin your experience.

RAFI proudly dons a well-earned One Hat distinction, and the team have fashioned a restaurant that is as visually stunning as its cuisine is delicious.

You’ll find our Trail, Lunar, and Terrace self-stabilising table bases throughout the restaurant ensuring every guest enjoys an uninterrupted dining experience. Congratulations to the RAFI team!

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Artistic details in Pellegrino 2000's interior

Pellegrino 2000 emerges triumphant with a deserved One Hat.

Pellegrino is your neighbourhood trattoria with classic Italian dishes with a spin. What’s not to love?! Specifying NOROCK’s Trail self-stabilising table bases to further ensure that every plate is presented with precision and grace. Bravo to the team at Pellegrino 2000!

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NOROCK's Parkway self-stabilising base for outdoor dining on uneven surfaces: Shell House Sydney Australia

Shell House Dining Room and Terrace have once again secured Two Hats in the esteemed guide.

Transcending the ordinary, Shell House pair its exceptional alfresco dining experience with NOROCK’s Parkway self-stabilising table bases, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to providing an exceptional and flawless dining experience. Hats off to the team at Shell House!

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Petermen restaurant in Sydney

It was a big night for Josh and Julie Niland, with two of their restaurants nabbing Two Hats and Josh winning Oceania Cruises Chef of the Year!

Petermen, a sophisticated seafood experience won the coveted Two Hats in the Guide. The team at Petermen have an unwavering dedication to providing an enjoyable elevated dining experience, and we’re proud our NOROCK Parkway self-stabilising table bases are there to help. Oustanding work to the Nilands and their incredible team!

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As we raise our glasses to toast the winners of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2024, we acknowledge the hard work and dedication it took for them to achieve these accolades. The team here at NOROCK self-stabilising table bases are thrilled to be along for the ride, and want to extend our toast to everyone whose quest for culinary excellence transcends the boundaries of the plate, paying attention to every detail of their customer’s experience — including their table! Cheers!

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