Celebrating Dolly’s cover on the final print edition of Artichoke Magazine

Dolly in Unley, Adelaide, South Australia, bar design by Genesin Studio
Photo by Jonathan VDK

As Artichoke Magazine transitions to a digital-only platform renamed Interiors AU, their final printed cover fittingly showcases Genesin Studio's incredible work on Dolly.

Artichoke Magazine has been a showcase of design excellence for years, and their final printed, issue 58, highlights the winners of the 2023 Eat Drink Design Awards, a prestigious event that NOROCK proudly sponsored in 2022. The annual awards celebrate innovative and inspiring projects within the hospitality industry, and the 2023 lineup was no exception.

The cover of Issue 58 features Dolly bar in Adelaide, designed by Genesin Studio, which won the Best Bar Design Award. We are particularly proud because Dolly bar showcases our Lunar self-stabilising disc bases. These bases are a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation, providing stability and style to hospitality venues worldwide.

As Artichoke Magazine evolves into Interiors AU, we look forward to their continuing spotlight on the best in design. The digital transition promises to bring even more dynamic and interactive content to the design community, and we are excited to see it.

Thank you, Artichoke Magazine, for your years of dedication to the design community. We eagerly anticipate the future of Interiors AU and the continued celebration of excellence in design.

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