The West Australian Good Food Guide 2023 Winners

Dandelion with interior design by MJA Studio

It's that time of year again, time to take note of the top 100 best restaurants in Western Australia to add to your list or revisit as The West Australian Good Food Guide 2023 is announced.

And also the time we count how many of these high-quality venues go the extra mile in valuing their customers’ experience down to the finest detail — yep, we’re talking about ourselves again — how many have wobble-free dining experiences with our self-stabilising table bases! Our Sales & Marketing Director, Claire Spalding, notes that “these restaurants are winners as they understand the way forward is considering the whole experience — not just the food — but the intangible elements that make people want to stay longer, to enjoy their environment and keep coming back.”

Congratulations to all the top 100 restaurants and best bars, every year we’re blown away by how many incredible hospitality businesses are in our backyard here in Western Australia (our HQ is in the beautiful Eagle Bay).

The Top 100

The top 100 best restaurants in Western Australia — featuring NOROCK self-stabilising table bases!

“Who can resist a cosy pasta restaurant named for the chef’s nonna? Not many, especially when said chef is creating food that’s this enchanting.” – WAGFG

After coming in at third spot last year Lulu La Delizia is proving its chops once again, this time being crowned the Best Restaurant in Western Australia! Sit outside and enjoy some of that Perth sunshine, and enjoy a wobble-free dining experience on a NOROCK, too.

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“A bucolic showcase for one of the state’s most recognised wine brands.” – WAGFG

Our inventions and Leeuwin Estate just go hand-in-hand, our Co-Founder Chris Heyring invented the tensile structure surrounding their music sound shell, and their concerts truly are iconic! But a quieter element of their fit-out is our NOROCK Parkway self-stabilising table bases both inside and out, and the quality of this pairs well with the quality of their food and wine. Well deserved!

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“Thoughtful dining and exquisite wines at Margaret River’s leading sustainable winery.” – WAGFG

Good thing we already booked our NOROCK HQ Christmas lunch at Cullen before this announcement! Always popular with locals and tourists alike, Cullen is a feast for both the eyes and the stomach. Having installed NOROCKs this year they continue to improve upon perfection in their customer experience.

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“South East Asian flavours marry with the best of the state’s backyard ingredients at Will St, Leederville’s sizzling 120-seat diner.” – WAGFG

Will St opened just this year and it’s already in the top 20 best restaurants in WA? Talk about over-achieving! While the food is next level, Mata Design have ensured the interiors match, plus with NOROCK self-stabilising table bases both inside the restaurant and outside, you know the customer experience is on point.

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“A magnificent lakeside setting comes together with hands-on cooking dictated by the seasons and the soil.” – WAGFG

Rounding out the top 20 best restaurants is this scenic spot, Millbrook. Perfect for a wedding or just a meal with friends, their deck is no match for a NOROCK table base, ensuring guests can relax and enjoy the view and excellent cuisine.

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“Coastal and casual, Lagoon is a real alternative to winery fine dining but with the food smarts to match.” – WAGFG

Named for the beautiful lagoon just down the steps, our friends at Lagoon have been setting the scene in Yallingup for a couple of years now. You’ll see a few of our white Terrace self-stabilising table bases dotted around the two-storey restaurant, suiting its beachy vibes and showing their love of hosting a good time for all.

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“A casual diner in a Northern Beaches shopping centre wholly exceeds expectations for food and wine ambition and execution.” – WAGFG

MJA Studio designed this incredible space, incredible both in scale and in design. Another newcomer, Dandelion absolutely deserves its nod. You’ll find our Trail self-stabilising table bases in both dining and bar heights here.

Read more about NOROCK x Dandelion

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“A Leederville neighbourhood bar, restaurant and bottleshop plating up imaginative food and good vibes.” – WAGFG

We talk a lot about our love for Besk – the food, the good vibes and how the uneven pavement outside and various flooring inside doesn’t mean spilt drinks (you know, unless you’ve had a really big night and that’s less about the table). We love seeing Besk get such great recognition year after year — great people doing great things!

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“Approachable yet occasion-worthy dining from one of the South West’s culinary dependables.” – WAGFG

Our local, we are quietly besotted with Yarri. The sublime food, the overall atmosphere, the many glasses of wonderful wine, the fabulous service… they can do no wrong. If you are in Dunsborough, it’s an absolute must to treat yourself to Yarri. The restaurant features our Parkway self-stabilising table base, and it really highlights the attention to detail that is paid to every little bit of this remarkable restaurant. Well done on being one of the top 100 restaurants in Western Australia!

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The Trail table bases were the obvious, perfect choice for Dandelion. Slim, seamless with the sleek, textural feel that sat perfectly with our custom stone table tops. The look, feel and reliability of a robust NOROCK base is a must-have for any successful hospitality project.

Jess Beaver, Architect – MJA Studio, Australia

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