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Lulu La Delizia - Outdoor Dining with NOROCK's Terrace Self-Stabilising Table Base

The West Australian Good Food Guide Awards for 2021 were announced this week — congratulations to all the winners! We were thrilled to see a few of our favourites on the list.

The “definitive guide to eating and drinking in Western Australia”, The West Australian Good Food Guide, celebrated the hospitality industry in style at their awards night at Optus Stadium on Monday night.

We were thrilled to note some of the winners also have our award-winning self-stabilising table bases (Red Dot and Good Design awards) at their venues! Let’s take a look:


Chef of the Year:


The food at Lulu La Delizia is heavenly and Joel Valvasori is why! Pictured above is their beautiful outdoor space which has our Terrace self-stabilising table bases.

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Valvasori has now made Lulu an institution, one where the tone is buzzy, the drinks exceptional, the service spot on. It speaks to his development as a restaurateur on top of his role as chef; this kind of experience just doesn’t happen without someone with a deep understanding of hospitality.

West Australian Good Food Guide

The Top 100

The top 100 best restaurants in Western Australia — featuring NOROCK self-stabilising table bases!

“The ristorante you didn’t know you needed in your life is better than you ever could have imagined” – WAGFG
Book one of their outside tables and you’ll notice the beautiful Perth sunshine and the incredible food and drinks (things you won’t notice? The table — it doesn’t wobble, so it doesn’t distract). Congratulations to Joel Valvasori on his win of Best Chef, and to the whole team at Lulu La Delizia for being in the top 3 restaurants in WA!

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“Food cooked close to the source, by chefs who adore immaculately fresh produce, is served with magnificent views over the vines” – WAGFG
Absolutely nab a table out on their deck, enjoy the view, the delicious food, and the stability of a NOROCK self-stabilising table base! Congratulations to the Millbrook team!

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“Call it reinvention or evolution, but Besk could just be the blueprint for the modern Australian pub” – WAGFG.

We talk a lot about our love for Besk – the food, the good vibes and how the uneven pavement outside and various flooring inside doesn’t mean spilt drinks (you know, unless you’ve had a really big night and that’s less about the table). We love seeing Besk get such great recognition — great people doing great things!

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“A South West fine-dining destination for a long, languid lunch” – WAGFG

Our inventions and Leeuwin Estate just go hand-in-hand, our Co-Founder Chris Heyring invented the tensile structure surrounding their music sound shell, and their concerts truly are iconic! But a quieter element of their fit-out is our NOROCK Parkway self-stabilising table bases both inside and out, and the quality of this pairs well with the quality of their food and wine. Well deserved!

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“This husband-wife seaside venture taps into the holiday mood with a beach-house aesthetic, then backs it up with clever cooking centred on seafood” – WAGFG
We love this place so much, we had our team lunch there last Christmas! You’ll see a few of our white Terrace self-stabilising table bases dotted around, our white bases tend to be quite popular with coastal venues. This WAGFG listing is huge, as Lagoon is relatively new on the scene (although ever popular!), we couldn’t be happier for them!

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“A regional stalwart from a veteran chef that hits its marks for elevated yet approachable dining” – WAGFG
Our local, we are quietly besotted with Yarri. The sublime food, the overall atmosphere, the many glasses of wonderful wine, the fabulous service… they can do no wrong. If you are in Dunsborough, it’s an absolute must to treat yourself to Yarri. The restaurant features our Parkway self-stabilising table base, and it really highlights the attention to detail that is paid to every little bit of this remarkable restaurant. Well done on being one of the top 100 restaurants in Western Australia!

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Read more on the WAGFG website

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If you're a West Australian restaurant and you are tired of the wobbly table drama, get in touch with one of our wonderful WA-based distributors listed or get in touch with us for a free trial.

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