Elevate your experience: UP on the Roof in South Carolina gets a new fit-out

UP on the Roof in South Carolina USA

In the 'Electric City' of Anderson, South Carolina, a rooftop destination has undergone a transformation that promises to take your dining experience to new heights. Revamping the space with innovative features, including NOROCK's self-stabilizing table bases. This exciting upgrade ensures an unparalleled dining experience with stability and style.

UP on the Roof

Location Anderson, South Carolina, USA
Market Sector Bar, Restaurant, Function Venue
Specifier UP on the Roof, Seiber Design, DMC Hospitality

UP on the Roof has always been a go-to spot for locals and visitors, thanks to its breathtaking views and energetic atmosphere. However, the team behind this popular rooftop destination decided to reimagine the space and elevate the overall experience. To accomplish this, they enlisted the expertise of Seiber Design and NOROCK representative DMC Hospitality to incorporate our cutting-edge self-stabilizing bases, specifically our Trail bar height table bases.

One of the significant challenges faced by rooftop venues is providing stable seating options in an outdoor setting, where uneven surfaces and wind can often cause tables to wobble or become unstable. NOROCK’s self-stabilizing table bases address this issue seamlessly with our patented next-generation mechanical technology that automatically stabilizes on any surface, ensuring a sturdy foundation for every table. Beyond its stability, our Trail offers a sleek and contemporary design, blending seamlessly with the modern aesthetic of UP on the Roof. The attention to detail in both functionality and style showcases the commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for every guest.

The success of this great fit-out can be attributed to the synergy between Seiber Design and DMC Hospitality. Seiber Design’s expertise in creating inviting and visually appealing spaces perfectly complements DMC Hospitality, known for its exceptional hospitality solutions. By incorporating NOROCK’s state-of-the-art table bases, they collectively set a new standard for dining on the rooftop, ensuring guests can enjoy their meals and drinks without disruption.

The team at UP on the Roof works hard to provide an unforgettable dining experience, and their collaboration with Seiber Design has resulted in a fit-out that blends functionality and style. And as a customer, you can be sure that while taking in the views of the city your drink won’t wobble off the table!

At NOROCK, our mission is to elevate the dining experience, and Up on the Roof is a shining example of that.

UP on the Roof: 314 S. Mcduffie Street, Anderson, South Carolina, USA

We have been thrilled with the NOROCK bases that we specified at UP on The Roof. This concept is on a rooftop terrace where the floor surface is not completely level. The bases are easy to stabilize as they are moved around the space for various size guest parties. We also found them very affordable for such a quality product.

Stacey Kirby, Principal – Seiber Design

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