NOROCK’s Global Impact and Innovative Collaboration Featured in The Commercial Project

NOROCK features in The Commercial Project Issue 13

In the latest issue of The Commercial Project, NOROCK is featured in a piece titled "A Global Phenomenon: NOROCK by Chris and Toby Heyring."

The article in issue #13 showcases the remarkable impact NOROCK has had on a global scale, particularly within the hospitality industry, as a smart and innovative solution to the age-old wobbly table problem. Furthermore, it introduces our groundbreaking collaboration with the award-winning designers, Tom Mark Henry, resulting in the cutting-edge NRxTMH self-stabilising table base.

Since its inception, NOROCK has garnered attention and admiration worldwide for its groundbreaking technology. Chris and Toby Heyring’s vision to create a stable and reliable table base has revolutionised the hospitality industry, providing establishments with an innovative solution that enhances the dining experience for guests.

The Commercial Project’s feature delves into the far-reaching impact of NOROCK, highlighting how our self-stabilising table bases have become a staple in establishments across the globe. From bustling cafes in New York City to elegant fine dining restaurants in Paris, NOROCK has left an indelible mark on the way tables are experienced.

The global phenomenon NOROCK – from father and son team Chris and Toby Heyring – has changed the experience of dining out with its innovative self-stabilising table base technology. Having received multiple awards for its design, NOROCK is forging forwards with tables that provide style and comfort for both patrons and venue owners.

Brett Winchester, The Commercial Project

The feature touches on our exciting collaboration with the acclaimed designers, Tom Mark Henry. This dynamic partnership has given birth to the NRxTMH self-stabilising table base – a testament to the power of innovation and creative synergy.

Tom Mark Henry’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence aligns seamlessly with NOROCK’s mission to provide reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions. The result is a self-stabilising table base that not only performs flawlessly but also boasts a refined, contemporary design that effortlessly complements any interior.

At NOROCK, we believe that a wobble-free dining experience is an essential component of a memorable meal. The NRxTMH self-stabilising table base embodies this philosophy, ensuring that guests can enjoy their dining experience without the annoyance of an unstable surface. This innovative technology not only elevates the dining experience but also adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

The feature in The Commercial Project is a testament to our innovation, collaboration, and steadfast commitment to excellence. We continue to provide establishments worldwide with reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

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