Unwavering taste with NOROCK’s self-stabilising tables at Busselton Pavilion

Welcome to Busselton Pavilion, the latest gem in the crown of Western Australia's thriving dining scene.

Busselton Pavillion

Location Busselton, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Bar, Function Venue
Specifier Ergoline, MJA Studio, Busselton Pavillion

This new addition to the Busselton landscape is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of the best that the Southwest has to offer. And to make sure your dining experience is as stable as it is delicious, we are proud to announce that NOROCK partner Ergoline Commercial Furniture and interior designers MJA Studio have specified NOROCK’s self-stabilising table bases in Trail for both dining and bar height tables throughout the venue.

At the heart of Busselton Pavilion lies The Pav, a relaxed yet refined gastro pub curated by John Parker (known for Dandelion amongst many others). Here, classic meets contemporary with a menu that pays homage to local seafood and produce while adding its innovative twist. Led by acclaimed WA chef Brendan Pratt, formerly of Vasse Felix, and Head Chef Josh de Caen, the culinary team at Busselton Pavilion is dedicated to showcasing the best of the southwest. While The Pav excels at classic pub fare, it goes above and beyond with a dedicated rotisserie lineup.

The drinks menu is a carefully curated selection of wines and cocktails that celebrate the best of the local beer and wine scene. Continuously rotating to keep things interesting, the menu is overseen by Parker Group Wine Director Cyndal Petty and award-winning cocktail specialist Elise Godwin. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a cocktail connoisseur, there’s something to suit everyone.

As you dine and unwind at Busselton Pavilion, you’ll appreciate the stability and style of our Trail self-stabilising table bases. Busselton Pavilion has chosen NOROCK to ensure that your dining experience is delicious but also steady and secure. No more wobbly tables to distract from your meal—just a solid foundation for you to enjoy every moment. Our Trail family is extensive, and NOROCK partner Ergoline know what works best for the tabletops selected (or custom designed like Busselton Pavilion!) — our Trail 27 in bar and dining were used, as well as the newest member of the family, our Trail 22×30, which is the perfect match for the rectangular tops. Our table bases can suit any tabletop, you can see our maximum size and weight recommendations for more information.

Known for their innovative and thoughtful approach to interior spaces, MJA Studio has created a space that perfectly complements the culinary journey offered at The Pav. From the welcoming entrance to the stylish dining areas, every corner of Busselton Pavilion reflects the beauty of the southwest.

Come and discover Busselton Pavilion, where every dish tells a story of the southwest, and every sip is a toast to the region’s rich culinary heritage. This is where unforgettable memories are made.


Busselton Pavilion: Busselton Central, Shop T46/30 Kent St, Busselton WA 6280


Photos by Peggy Voir

NOROCK was the clear choice for Busselton Pavilion to pair with our custom designed tabletops created by Ergoline. The discreet, reliable, easy to clean bases provided a great range of flexibility and low-maintenance for the venue’s team while looking great.

Jess Beaver, Associate – MJA Studio, Australia

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