Introducing NOROCK self-stabilizing table bases to RestaurantSpaces Spring 2024

NOROCK's Claire Spalding, CEO + Chair of NOROCK, and Martin Bolick, VP Sales Americas, were thrilled to attend RestaurantSpaces Spring 2024 event in Los Angeles, introducing our game-changing self-stabilizing table base technology to restaurant executives and industry professionals.

RestaurantSpaces is more than just a conference; it’s an immersive experience designed to bring together restaurant executives and industry leaders from across America. The schedule was packed with engaging events, starting with a culinary exploration of Downtown LA’s Arts District. Claire and Martin enjoyed the guided tour featuring six carefully selected stops, each highlighting the diverse and vibrant food scene of DTLA.

The festivities continued with a welcome reception and networking dinner, setting the stage for meaningful connections to form. While mingling and and exchanging ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, the evening became very magical with “Mezmerized” featuring the enchanting performances of Riccardo Berdini and the Italian Scoundrels.

The following day was filled with enlightening sessions and insightful discussions. From learning about brand building with Dave’s Hot Chicken, to exploring the potential of AI in driving operational harmony, and insights into successful restaurant concepts like CosMc’s, Taco Bell and Smalls Sliders. Sourcing meetings provided opportunities for networking and collaboration, while deep dives delved into critical topics such as restaurant design and site selection challenges.

The highlight of the event was the RestaurantSpaces Rendezvous, a night of celebration held at the Bike Shed Moto Co in LA’s Arts District. Guests were treated to delicious food, live music, and a variety of entertainment. Martin got an excellent new haircut from a barber, but shied away from his earlier promise of a NOROCK themed tattoo! It was an opportunity for attendees to unwind and connect in a lively and immersive environment.

As RestaurantSpaces drew to a close, NOROCK’s innovative self-stabilizing table bases had left a lasting impression on attendees. Claire Spalding and Martin Bolick had enjoyed introduced a revolutionary solution to the restaurant industry attendees, paving the way for more stable and enjoyable dining experiences.

RestaurantSpaces was not only a platform for networking and learning but also a testament to the power of innovation in shaping the future of restaurant design and hospitality. NOROCK’s participation in the event exemplifies our dedication to revolutionizing restaurant spaces one stable table at a time, and we look forward to working with many more incredible restaurant chains.

Photos: Featured photo (NOROCK’s Martin Bolick, Popeyes’ Maria Macias and NOROCK’s Claire Spalding) and first four photos in gallery below courtesy of RestaurantSpaces.

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