Taylor Swift, Pellegrino 2000 and a NOROCK Self-Stabilising Table

Uninterrupted dining pleasure with NOROCK Trail at Pellegrino 2000

Last night, the dining scene in Surry Hills, Sydney, witnessed the celebrity sighting of all celebrity sightings as Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter were spotted dining at Pellegrino 2000.

Amidst the ambience of the renowned restaurant, Swift and Carpenter enjoyed their meal at a table equipped with a NOROCK Trail self-stabilising base, which added to the smooth night Pellegrino 2000 undoubtedly delivered.

Our NOROCK technology ensures a steady dining experience, unaffected by uneven surfaces, providing Swift, Carpenter, and other patrons with a stable and comfortable setting to savour their meals. The sleek design and advanced engineering of our NOROCK Trail have made it a sought-after choice for restaurants aiming to elevate their guests’ dining experience.

The sighting of Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter at Pellegrino 2000 has undoubtedly piqued the interest of fans and food enthusiasts alike. Taylor Swift leaves an indelible mark wherever she goes. As fans eagerly await their next ventures, one thing is certain—Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter’s dining experience at Pellegrino 2000 has shone a spotlight on the restaurant.

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