Find NOROCK self-stabilizing table bases at BDNY 2023 with Simply Tables

NOROCK self-stabilizing table bases at BDNY 2023

We invite you to visit booth #1047, where you can witness the future of stable dining experiences.

Attention to detail in dining has never been more important than it is today. Enter NOROCK, a trailblazing company that has perfected the art of self-stabilizing table bases. Our groundbreaking next-generation tech will be showcased at the BDNY trade fair on November 12-13, 2023, at the Javits Center in New York.

We’ll be displaying a range of our table bases, including our newest table bases — a collaboration between an award-winning product and an award-winning designer — the NRxTMH, and our space maximizing Sol base. NOROCK’s self-stabilizing table bases have redefined what it means to have a stable dining surface, without compromising on style, and revolutionizing the hospitality industry worldwide.

A NOROCK self-stabilizing table base is a marvel of engineering and design. It utilizes patented technology that automatically adapts to uneven surfaces, ensuring that tables remain perfectly stable at all times. This means no more wobbly tables, spilled drinks, or frustrated customers. Our table bases enhance the dining experience, allowing patrons to focus on the delicious cuisine and enjoyable company, rather than uneven surfaces.

At booth #1047, visitors will have the opportunity to meet some of the faces behind NOROCK’s success. Claire Spalding, Sales & Marketing Director, and Martin Bolick, VP Sales Americas, will be on hand to share their expertise and insights into how NOROCK’s technology is shaping the future of hospitality and provide a demonstration of how our NOROCK magic works.

NOROCK’s self-stabilizing table bases are not just a piece of furniture; they represent a shift in the way we experience dining. By eliminating the frustrations of uneven surfaces, NOROCK enables restaurants to provide a seamless and enjoyable dining experience for their patrons. NOROCK is setting new standards of stability and design in the hospitality industry.

Don’t miss your chance to witness the future of stable dining experiences at the BDNY Design Trade Fair on November 12-13, 2023. Visit NOROCK and Simply Tables at booth #1047, where Claire and Martin will be eager to introduce you to our extraordinary products. Join us in revolutionizing the way we dine, one stable table at a time.

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NOROCK x Tom Mark Henry, NRxTMH self-stabilising table bases with Jack Flanagan custom tabletops


NOROCK’s award-winning self-stabilizing table bases got together with an award-winning designer, Tom Mark Henry, to create a table that interior designers are raving about: the NRxTMH.

See the incredible curvy column and color palette based on the West Australian coastline (did you know NOROCK was invented ‘down under’?) at booth #1047.

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Introducing Sol at BDNY

Introducing Sol, the self-stabilizing table base that seamlessly combines form and function, addressing your need for space optimization with style in mind.

Try it out for yourself at booth #1047.

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