Genesin Studio’s Dolly wins Hospitality category at the Australian Design Review’s 2023 IDEA Awards

Dolly in Unley, Adelaide, South Australia, bar design by Genesin Studio
Photo by Jonathan VDK

The Australian Design Review's 2023 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) recently celebrated outstanding achievements in the realm of interior design, showcasing innovative and visionary projects from across the country.

Among the remarkable winners, Genesin Studio stood out in the Hospitality Category, clinching the prestigious award for their exceptional work on Dolly, a wine bar in Adelaide, South Australia. Located in Unley, the bar has redefined the boundaries of hospitality design with its unique features and creative use of materials.

Dolly caught the attention of the IDEA judging panel with its design, which incorporates our Lunar self-stabilising disc bases in sandstone black. IDEA provided a glimpse into the distinctive qualities of Dolly Bar, stating, “This modern wine bar in Unley, Adelaide, was designed with edge details that disrupt expectations of linearity, establishing Dolly as a unique hospitality venue. The existing glazed frontage, along with a mirror chrome acoustic ceiling, provides a futuristic feel, which is contrasted by the warmth and texture of tapestry art and ceramics.” Genesin Studio’s ability to blend futuristic elements with warmth and texture reflects their mastery in creating immersive and memorable spaces. A previous project of Genesin’s that drew our attention was iTL Kitchen, which featured our Parkway self-stabilising table bases and also exuded a modern warmth.

NOROCK’s Lunar, which are now available in 17″ and 30″ as well as the original 21″ shown here, play a pivotal role in ensuring a stable and secure dining experience for patrons at Dolly. The seamless integration of these innovative table bases aligns with our commitment to delivering solutions that enhance the functionality and design of hospitality spaces. This success is not unfamiliar to NOROCK, having previously been honoured with prestigious awards such as the Red Dot and Good Design awards.

In addition to Genesin Studio’s triumph, the shortlist for the Hospitality Category included other noteworthy projects that have also embraced NOROCK’s self-stabilising table bases. One such project is RAFI by interior designers Luchetti Krelle, showcasing the versatility and popularity of NOROCK’s products within the industry. The use of NOROCK technology ensures a stable and comfortable dining experience, contributing to the success of these remarkable projects.

Furthermore, a special acknowledgment goes to our collaborator Tom Mark Henry, who earned a spot on the shortlist for their beautiful Hotel Morris project. We launched a collaborative self-stabilising table base this year, the NRxTMH which was inspired by Western Australia’s south-west coastline.

The Australian Design Review’s 2023 IDEA Awards have once again highlighted the incredible talent and innovation within the interior design industry. Congratulations to Genesin Studio for their well-deserved win in the Hospitality Category with their Dolly project. The integration of NOROCK’s self-stabilising table bases reflects the broader trend of elevating hospitality design through cutting-edge solutions.

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