Inventor creates brilliant ‘no-rock’ cafe table: NOROCK featured in Curbed

No Rock Cafe Table in action

NOROCK has recently been featured in design and architecture publication, Curbed. This spotlight on NOROCK in Curbed is not just an acknowledgment of an inventive solution to a common problem but a celebration of the exciting impact our product is making.

Curbed, known for its keen eye for cutting-edge design and architectural advancements, has recognised the significance of NOROCK in transforming the cafe experience. The article by Barbara Eldredge highlights co-inventor and founder Chris Heyring’s ingenious approach to a seemingly simple yet pervasive issue – the wobbling cafe table.

The piece delves into Heyring’s background as a geometry wizard and his reputation for designing innovative suspension systems, setting the stage for the inventive journey that led to the creation of NOROCK. Eldredge aptly describes the traditional conundrum of cafe tables – three-legged tables prone to tipping and four-legged tables plagued by the irksome rocking motion on uneven surfaces.

The article emphasises the practicality and aesthetic appeal of NOROCK, noting that the tables are now available in a variety of styles. It goes on to mention the widespread deployment of NOROCK in Europe, Australia, and North America, indicating the global impact of this innovative solution.

Curbed’s feature on NOROCK is more than just a showcase of a product; it’s a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design. By putting NOROCK in the spotlight, Curbed acknowledges the importance of addressing seemingly mundane issues to enhance our daily experiences. As cafes around the world embrace this revolutionary solution, patrons can now look forward to enjoying their meals and drinks without the distraction of a wobbly table.

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Say goodbye to the insidious rocking of a cafe table!

Barbara Eldredge, Curbed

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