NOROCK self-stabilising table bases featured in Architectural Digest

We are thrilled that NOROCK has been featured in the esteemed Architectural Digest, one of the leading voices in the world of design and architecture.

In an article titled “Someone Used Design to Solve Dining Out’s Most Frustrating Problem,” written by Tim Nelson, NOROCK takes centre stage for its innovative solution to a common dining woe. The feature sheds light on how NOROCK has successfully addressed one of the most persistent issues in dining out – the dreaded wobbly table.

At NOROCK, we believe that design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about solving real-world problems. Our self-stabilising table base is a testament to this philosophy. The Architectural Digest article delves into the inspiration behind the design, the meticulous engineering process, and the positive impact it has had on the hospitality industry.

We invite you to read the full article by Tim Nelson on Architectural Digest’s platform, where the journey from concept to creation is beautifully captured. It’s a story of how NOROCK is not just revolutionising tables but also making its mark in the design world.

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Few things in life are more precarious than the four-legged restaurant table. These wobbly structures seem insidiously created to send wine or coffee crashing as we curse the unsteady ground beneath our feet. Finally, however, an Australian inventor and self-described "hyperbolic paraboloid-ist" has come up with an elegant solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Tim Nelson, Architectural Digest

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