Gastronomy meets breathtaking views: Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion

In Phoenix, Arizona, Wrigley Mansion stands as a historic landmark, offering not only breathtaking views of Camelback Mountain and the Phoenix city skyline but also housing one of the most esteemed culinary gems in the region – Christopher's at Wrigley Mansion.

Christopher's at Wrigley Mansion

Location Phoenix, Arizona
Market Sector Restaurant, Bar
Specifier Wendell Burnette, Christopher's at Wrigley Mansion

Renowned Chef and Director, Christopher Gross, has transformed this iconic location into a gastronomic haven, and NOROCK’s Lunar self-stabilizing disc bases play a crucial role in ensuring a dining experience that is as exquisite as the scenery surrounding it. Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion, meticulously designed by local architectural luminary Wendell Burnette, is a sleek and surprisingly intimate addition, seamlessly blending into a purpose-built new wing of the magnificent 89-year-old mansion. Through its glass-enclosed design, the restaurant offers patrons breathtaking 180-degree views of the surrounding mountains and city lights, creating a visual experience. This architectural masterpiece accurately mirrors the incredible menu. Christopher Gross has won a James Beard Award and has a universal respect garnered for his decades-long commitment to modern, French-inspired cuisine at establishments like Christopher’s, Christopher’s Bistro, and Christopher’s Fermier.

The quest for the perfect dining experience led the team at Christopher’s to NOROCK and our patented self-stabilizing table bases. The Lunar series, in particular, has been chosen for Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion, providing unmatched stability to every table in the establishment. The innovative technology within our Lunar bases ensures that tables remain level on any surface, whether guests are seated indoors or enjoying the enchanting outdoor terrace.

Our table bases ensure diners can enjoy their meals without the distraction of wobbly tables, allowing them to focus on both the culinary delights prepared by Chef Christopher Gross, and the views of Camelback Mountain and the Phoenix city skyline. Our next-generation self-stabilizing technology ensures a stable dining surface, even in uneven outdoor terrains.

The culinary creations at Christopher’s are nothing short of extraordinary, and their installation of NOROCKs further enhances the overall dining experience. Beyond functionality, our Lunar bases seamlessly blend innovation with aesthetics, complementing the sophisticated ambience of Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion. The sleek design of the bases adds a modern touch to the classic surroundings, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the restaurant. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance aligns perfectly with the commitment to excellence that NOROCK and Chef Christopher Gross uphold.

Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion has established itself as a culinary destination where gastronomy meets breathtaking views. The incorporation of our Lunar self-stabilizing disc bases ensures that the dining experience remains unparalleled, combining stability with style. As guests savor the delectable creations of Chef Christopher Gross, they can do so with the assurance that every table is as steady as the reputation of this iconic Phoenix establishment. NOROCK’s commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with Christopher’s pursuit of culinary excellence, making the collaboration a perfect harmony of stability and sophistication.

Photos supplied by Bromic Heating (check out their incredible heaters!) and Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion (photos by Paul Moore and Bill Timmerman)

Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion: 2501 E Telawa Trail, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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