Nando’s in East Croydon: A Feast for the Senses

Nando's East Croydon UK

Walking into Nando's in East Croydon, you are immediately struck by the vibrant and energetic atmosphere. MorenoMasey, renowned for their innovative interior designs, have designed this space as a feast for the senses.

Nando's East Croydon

Location East Croydon, UK
Market Sector Restaurant, Café, Chain
Specifier Nando's, MorenoMasey, Hill Cross Furniture

When it comes to mouthwatering PERi-PERi chicken and a vibrant dining experience, Nando’s has always been a go-to destination. Nando’s East Croydon is no different, with interior design carefully crafted by MorenoMasey and furnished with exquisite pieces from Hill Cross Furniture, including NOROCK’s Parkway self-stabilising table bases.

MorenoMasey has perfectly captured the essence of Nando’s South African heritage while incorporating a contemporary twist. Combining warm earth tones, bold patterns, and dramatic lighting to create an inviting and comfortable environment. The use of natural materials, such as wood and exposed concrete, adds a rustic charm to the space, evoking a sense of authenticity and warmth.

Hill Cross Furniture, a leading supplier of contract furniture, has collaborated with Nando’s to furnish this exceptional branch in East Croydon. The restaurant features an impressive array of seating options, including comfortable booths, designed to accommodate various party sizes and offer maximum comfort to diners. One standout feature is the integration of our self-stabilising table bases. Our next-generation patented technology ensures the tables remain steady, even on uneven surfaces, providing a hassle-free dining experience for customers. The combination of NOROCK’s technology and Hill Cross Furniture’s table tops creates a seamless blend of functionality and style, further enhancing the overall dining experience at Nando’s.

Whether you’re visiting Nando’s in East Croydon for a casual meal with friends or a family gathering, the ambience created by MorenoMasey and Hill Cross Furniture will transport you.

Nando’s East Croydon: 95 George Street CR9 2NS UK

NOROCK have addressed an age-old problem — the wobbly table issue.

Michele Matonti, Head of Construction – Nandos UK

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