NOROCK in Fabric Quarterly magazine

Eagle Bay by Ryan Murphy, as featured in Fabric Quarterly

Here at NOROCK in Australia, we are not all about design, we're not even all about self-stabilising table bases — there is an undercurrent flowing beneath us all, and that is a love for the natural beauty of the south-west. Fabric Quarterly magazine has documented this love, and the evolution of our business alongside it.

Fabric Quarterly is a magazine based in Western Australia that spans “architecture, design, fashion, food, travel and events” and showcases “the best that Perth and greater W.A. has to offer” and so we are thrilled to be featured in issue 11.

NOROCK’s origin story is simple: a father and son who are fed up with wobbly tables decided to do something about it — and so the next generation of self-stabilising table bases was born. In the background of all this ingenuity is a location that is almost too picturesque to describe, Eagle Bay in Western Australia. With words by Hannah Cole and photographs by Traianos Pakioufakis and Ryan Murphy, Fabric Quarterly delve into this origin story to showcase this love in detail.

We're not surrounded by people who are telling us how it should be done. We have no reference, we just make our own way, and it becomes unique.

Toby Heyring, NOROCK in Fabric Quarterly
NOROCK in Fabric Quarterly magazine, photos by Traianos Pakioufakis and Ryan Murphy

You can purchase a print or digital copy of the magazine over on the Fabric Quarterly website, it’s a stunning read encompassing many other great stories.

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