QSR magazine readers now know the solution to wobbly tables

Hutton Brickyards

You no longer have to put up with spilt drinks from rocky tables on uneven surfaces: NOROCK is the next generation of self-stabilising table bases — "Fixing Wobbly Tables, Once and For All."

For over 20 years QSR magazine has been “long considered the premier magazine for the restaurant industry” focusing on quick-service and fast-casual restaurant news and information. And now, their readership is clued up that they no longer have to put up with tables that wobble, and the answer is NOROCK self-stabilising table bases.

“The solution eliminates obnoxious, wobbling tables, and it also helps create a smoother restaurant operation by cutting labor costs and enhancing hygienic practices by ensuring staff isn’t attempting to come up with new inventive ways to balance a table with a pile of napkins.”

Available both digitally and in print, our QSR article was published on the 28th of September, and you can head over to their website to read it now.

Photos: Hutton Brickyards in New York by Jane Beiles, featuring our Trail self-stabilising table base.

We have found that restaurant operators who really care about the customer’s complete dining experience love NOROCK. NOROCK can also help restaurants save around $30,000 per year!

Toby Heyring, Co-Inventor + Founder + Technical Director

Wobbly tables have long been one of my biggest pet peeves in hotels and restaurants! I was thrilled to be introduced to NOROCK, it’s a high-quality, well-priced product that really does self-level. We have old concrete factory floors and not a wobbly table insight. I like that these bases don’t rely on bands or other parts that need replacing, they are simple ingenuity and look great, I would use these again and again on future projects and their service is very attentive too!

Kevin O’Shea, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer – Hutton Brickyards, USA

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