Lunar 17 and 30 have landed: Our popular disc table base, sized up and down

Lunar 17 + 30

We're over the moon to announce our in-demand Lunar base is now available in three sizes! Self-stabilising technology within a clean and minimal design.

Building on the success of our self-stabilising disc table base, NOROCK is proud to introduce two new members to the Lunar self-stabilising table family: Lunar 17 and Lunar 30. These innovative tables are set to redefine versatility, style, and stability in small and large spaces alike.

Lunar 17: Maximising space, elevating style

For those seeking a sophisticated solution for compact spaces, Lunar 17 is the answer. Its distinctive disc-shaped base, featuring NOROCK’s cutting-edge self-stabilising technology, offers an elegant combination of form and function. This table not only maximises floor space but does so without compromising aesthetics. Whether for a cosy restaurant or a stylish office space, Lunar 17 is the perfect disc table base for your next project.


Embracing NOROCK’s true essence of adaptability, Lunar 17 excels in versatility. Whether for a cosy restaurant, a dynamic co-working space, or everyone’s favourite rooftop bar, this table seamlessly integrates into the environment. Available in dining, counter, and bar height options, Lunar 17 is designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a tailored fit for any setting.

Moreover, Lunar 17 extends its creative potential with an extensive palette of eleven captivating colours. From Rust or Antique Bronze exuding a bold and expressive statement, to the timeless allure of Sandstone Black or White with their understated elegance. With Lunar 17, colour becomes a dynamic tool to fashion spaces.


Constructed with NOROCK’s signature commitment to quality, Lunar 17 is crafted from robust materials. The steel composition ensures longevity and a timeless aesthetic that withstands the test of time.

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Lunar 30: A banquet-sized marvel

When it comes to grand-scale dining experiences, Lunar 30 steps up to the plate. With NOROCK’s self-stabilising technology seamlessly integrated into a meticulously crafted disc-shaped base, Lunar 30 offers an unmatched level of stability. This makes it the ideal choice for banquet-sized dining areas, where both form and function are of the utmost importance.


Available exclusively in dining height, Lunar 30 exudes an air of sophistication that elevates any dining setting. Its generous size ensures ample space for guests to enjoy their dining experience without any compromise on stability.

Lunar 30 exemplifies a remarkable degree of adaptability, not only in its form and functionality but also in its array of available colours. Here at NOROCK we have a diverse palette of colours on offer, providing an extensive range of options to harmonise with various design preferences and spaces. From sophisticated neutrals to vibrant, statement-making hues, our tables effortlessly complement a wide spectrum of styles. Whether you seek to create a refined, minimalist ambience or a lively, dynamic atmosphere, Lunar 30 stands ready to transform and elevate your space with its versatile colour options.

A large disc table base with so much to offer — stability, style and patron comfort.

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The introduction of Lunar 17 and Lunar 30 marks a significant milestone in NOROCK’s dedication to redefining the way we perceive and interact with tables. These new additions to the Lunar self-stabilising table family offer unparalleled versatility, style, and stability. Whether you’re designing for a compact workspace or a grand private dining room, Lunar 17 and Lunar 30 are poised to become the go-to solutions for your next project. With NOROCK’s commitment to quality and innovation, these tables are not just furniture; they’re transformative designs that promise to enhance any space they grace.

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