Unveiling the top NOROCK self-stabilising table bases in Australia for 2023

The Australian market has spoken, and these three NOROCK self-stabilising table bases have emerged as our undisputed leaders for 2023. As we delve into the numbers, it's clear why these three have captured the hearts and spaces of venues across the country.

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for NOROCK self-stabilising table bases in Australia. Officially launching our Sydney warehouse and range of self-stabilising table bases at an exclusive event for media and designers at RAFI, we have witnessed a surge in popularity and an expansion of our partnerships across the country. Now, businesses in Australia can easily and seamlessly incorporate NOROCK self-stabilising table bases into their venues, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality, with the help of a NOROCK partner nearby.

We also launched our first collaborative table base with award-winning Australian designers, Tom Mark Henry. The NRxTMH self-stabilising table base has proven popular, and we predict it may hit the top 3 in 2024. Launched at Milan Design Week and BDNY, it was incredibly well-received by interior designers worldwide.

Our top sellers from NOROCK exemplify a perfect blend of form and function, capturing the essence of what businesses seek in their furniture choices. As we look towards the future, it’s clear that NOROCK’s innovative designs will continue to shape and elevate the hospitality and design landscape in Australia and beyond.

Lunar self-stabilising disc table base at White Elephant Cafe in Margaret River region Australia

3. Lunar self-stabilising table base (LNST21BK):
Much loved by interior designers

Securing third position in our top 3 bestsellers is our Lunar self-stabilising disc table base, specifically in dining height and sandstone black colour (LNST21BK). Our Lunar base was the first to introduce NOROCK’s next-generation self-stabilising technology within a well-designed, unique powder-coated steel disc-shaped base.

Tailor-made for minimal and clean spaces, 2023 saw the Lunar family expand to include three sizes: 17″ for small areas, 21″ our standard, and 30″ for sizeable banquet-style seating. This stylish base has become a favourite among interior designers, available in dining, counter, and bar heights, and offering a palette of ten different colourways for customisation.

As seen in White Elephant Cafe, Margaret River region (pictured).

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NOROCK Trail self-stabilising table bases with booth seating at Kailis Fishmarket Café

2. Trail self-stabilising table base (TRST27BK):
The robust construction of your dreams

Claiming the second spot in our bestseller lineup is our Trail self-stabilising table base, particularly in dining height, 27″ and our popular sandstone black hue. Our Trail base is all about modern simplicity, featuring a linear, clean design and concealed componentry that seamlessly integrates with robust construction. Trail is suitable for any setting, a chameleon to your design.

Enhanced with a special zinc plating for durability in both indoor and outdoor applications, the Trail base is available in sizes ranging from 22 through to 36. The Trail family also offers versatility with models like our 22×30, perfect for booth seating, and the T-Base model, designed for rectangular or oval tabletops. With options in ten different colourways, our Trail base has become a trusty companion for businesses seeking a blend of style and reliability.

As seen in Kailis Fishmarket Cafe, Fremantle (pictured).

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Our Terrace self-stabilising table base in the alfresco dining area of RAFI in Sydney

1. Terrace self-stabilising table base (TCAL27BK): So much functionality

Topping the charts as the numero uno choice in Australia once again (taking out the 2022 and 2021 results respectively) is our Terrace self-stabilising table base, specifically in dining height and in sandstone black colour (TCAL27BK). Renowned for its ingenious design catering to limited storage capacities and ease of set-up and pack-away, our Terrace base with its added flip-top magic continues to captivate this market that just loves the sunshine.

The hallmark of our Terrace is its iconic nesting feature – a simple fold, then nest mechanism that speaks to practicality in busy environments. Enhanced with a special alodine coating for superior corrosion resistance and a high-quality powder coat, Terrace is happy inside or outdoors. Available in dining, counter, and bar height options, this versatile base is offered in an array of ten different colourways, allowing designers to tailor to the aesthetic of the venue.

Year after year, our Terrace remains a popular choice, and it’s not hard to see why — NOROCK’s Terrace self-stabilising table base ensures both style and practicality for any venue.

As seen in RAFI, Sydney (pictured).

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As we reflect on our bestsellers and 2023’s achievements, it’s clear that NOROCK’s commitment to functional, stylish, and innovative furniture has resonated with the discerning tastes of the Australian market. Looking forward, we anticipate a continued journey of growth, collaboration, and setting new standards in the world of self-stabilising table bases. Here’s to another year of transforming spaces and providing solutions that seamlessly marry form and function.

Stay tuned for the release of our top three bestsellers in the USA and across the globe!

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