NOROCK self-stabilising table bases soar to new heights in 2023: A year of innovation

Farewell 2023: NOROCK's year wrapped

As we bid farewell to 2023, NOROCK the next-generation of self-stabilising table bases, proudly look back on a year filled with groundbreaking achievements and product launches. From the introduction of new product lines to global recognition at prestigious design events, NOROCK has continued to leave a mark on the world of furniture design.

New product innovations

The highlight of NOROCK’s 2023 journey was the unveiling of several innovative products that pushed the boundaries of self-stabilising technology. Among the noteworthy additions to our lineup is the NRxTMH, a collaborative table base with the renowned designers Tom Mark Henry. Launched at Milan Design Week, NRxTMH integrates award-winning design with our next-generation self-stabilising technology, setting new standards in both form and function.

Another stellar addition is Sol, NOROCK’s first cone-shaped self-stabilising disc base. Crafted with precision, Sol not only maximises space taking up just 17 inches in diameter but also brings a touch of elegance to any setting.

The addition of the 22×30 Trail and 22×30 Parkway self-stabilising table bases caters to booth seating and rectangular or oval tabletops, offering versatile solutions for various spatial configurations.

Expanding the Lunar family, NOROCK introduced the Lunar 17 and Lunar 30-inch disc bases. These additions combine sleek aesthetics with the reliable self-stabilising technology NOROCK is renowned for, providing designers and architects with even more options to elevate their projects.

Colour palette expansion

In response to evolving design trends, NOROCK introduced new colour options to its lineup. Sol, in particular, comes in a luxurious brass finish, adding a touch of luxury to spaces. The NRxTMH colour palette was also introduced, offering designers a broader range of options to complement their creative visions. Showcasing the colours of Western Australia, the NRxTMH palette includes Leeuwin Blue, Pindan Red, Peppermint Tree Green and Jarrah Brown.

Recognition and collaboration

NOROCK’s commitment to excellence was recognised as we found our way into esteemed design publications such as The Local Project, The Commercial Project and CULT. The spotlight intensified with the showcase of our products at trade fairs across the globe, solidifying NOROCK’s presence in the international design scene.

We featured at the following trade fairs this year:

The collaboration with Tom Mark Henry on NRxTMH at Milan Design Week marked a significant milestone. This partnership not only showcased the prowess of NOROCK’s self-stabilising technology but also demonstrated the brand’s dedication to collaborating with industry leaders to create cutting-edge solutions. We also collaborated on the tabletops for the NRxTMH project with local West-Australian designer Jack Flanagan.

NOROCK proudly presented the possibilities of future collaborations, highlighted at ARCHIDEX with KIAN and at BDNY with Simply Tables, underscoring our commitment to exploring innovative partnerships and pushing the boundaries of design in the furniture industry.

NOROCK officially launched its presence in Australia (we are shipping from warehouses in both the USA and Australia) with a beautiful event at RAFI. The launch marked a significant milestone for NOROCK, firmly establishing its roots in the vibrant Australian market.

Industry impact

NOROCK’s self-stabilising bases weren’t confined to the hospitality realm in 2023. The adaptability and innovation of our products led to their integration into spaces beyond restaurants, making waves in offices and healing environments. The versatility of NOROCK bases proved instrumental in enhancing stability and functionality across diverse settings.

Award-winning recognition

NOROCK self-stabilising table bases have become the preferred choice in award-winning restaurants. The acknowledgment from the culinary and design communities reinforces the positive impact our products have on the overall dining experience, marrying style with functionality. We saw restaurants close to home being awarded by the Good Food Guide in New South Wales and Victoria, including Josh Niland winning Chef of the Year. Interior designers for restaurants who had specified NOROCK also took home wins at Eat Drink Design Awards and Dezeen, including RAFI and Dolly.

Throughout the year, NOROCK has proudly contributed to many distinguished projects showcasing our innovative self-stabilising bases. On our website and social media, we’ve recapped only a few of the many quality projects worldwide.

In Australia, we discussed our bases finding their stable home at:

These collaborations have not only enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of these spaces but have also solidified NOROCK’s presence in the Australian design and hospitality landscape.

Crossing oceans to the USA and Canada, our bases have graced renowned establishments such as:

Our NOROCK partners, who are found dotted all over the globe, consistently reinforce NOROCK’s commitment to providing stability and style across international markets, and we thank them for all their hard work and efforts in 2023. Keep an eye out for many more projects making their way onto our website and into your feeds in the new year, as well as our bestselling products for 2023 (kind of like Spotify wrapped but without your child’s music or your sleep tracks cramping your “cool” style).


As NOROCK wraps up a transformative year, the company stands proud of its accomplishments and contributions to the world of furniture design. From the launch of innovative products and collaborations with industry leaders to global recognition and expansion into diverse sectors, NOROCK’s journey in 2023 is a testament to its commitment to excellence and continuous innovation. As we step into the future, NOROCK remains dedicated to shaping spaces with self-stabilising table bases that redefine the boundaries of form and function and mark the end of the wobbly table problem!

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