Enhancing comfort at Amaroo Village residential care with our self-stabilising table bases

There is nothing we dislike more than a hot cup of tea spilt into the saucer or, worse, onto our laps. Wobbly tables are a thing of the past, and particularly here at Amaroo Village in Gosnells where the elderly residents are enjoying our self-stabilising table bases.

Amaroo Village

Location Gosnells, Australia
Market Sector Residential Care
Specifier Furniture Options

Amaroo Village provides “a wonderfully relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle” and we dare say part of that relaxation is in the lack of fear for losing any of that precious tea!

In all seriousness, a stable table really does go hand-in-hand with the duty of care expected in retirement villages and residential aged care and our distributor Furniture Options sees this value, too.

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