Savouring Stability: NOROCK’s self-stabilising table bases at Nando’s South Woodford in London

Nando's new South Woodford restaurant stands as a testament to innovative hospitality design and the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality.

Nando's South Woodford

Location London, United Kingdom
Market Sector Restaurant, Café, Fast Food
Specifier Nando's, Fusion, Hill Cross Furniture

Designed by Fusion, this two-floor restaurant captivates patrons with its inviting atmosphere, characterised by a harmonious blend of wood and brick textures, complemented by warm and welcoming lighting. At the heart of this design are NOROCK’s Parkway self-stabilising table bases, supplied by the esteemed commercial furniture supplier and NOROCK partner, Hill Cross Furniture in the United Kingdom.

Nando’s, a renowned fast-food chain celebrated for its flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken, sought to create an unforgettable dining experience at their South Woodford location. Fusion, a design firm known for its expertise in hospitality spaces, was entrusted with the task of bringing the vision to life. The result is a space that not only reflects Nando’s vibrant brand but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable dining atmosphere.

One of the many elements that contribute to the success of Nando’s South Woodford is the integration of NOROCK’s self-stabilising table bases. These cutting-edge table bases provided by Hill Cross Furniture offer a unique solution to the common problem of wobbly tables in restaurants. Our patented self-stabilising technology ensures that tables remain steady on uneven surfaces, enhancing the overall dining experience for guests. The choice of our Parkway table bases aligns seamlessly with the restaurant’s aesthetic. The sturdy and reliable nature of these table bases not only complements the design but also ensures that guests can enjoy their meals without any disruptions.

The warm and inviting lighting further enhances the overall ambience of the restaurant. This carefully curated lighting design adds a touch of intimacy, making it an ideal spot for both casual gatherings and intimate dinners. The combination of textures, along with the ambient lighting, creates a cosy and relaxed atmosphere that encourages patrons to linger and savour the Nando’s experience.

Hill Cross Furniture, a leading commercial furniture supplier in the United Kingdom, provided not only our next-generation NOROCK table bases but also contributed to the overall design by offering quality furniture that aligns with the restaurant’s theme.

Nando’s South Woodford stands as a shining example of hospitality design done right. The seamless integration of NOROCK’s Parkway self-stabilising table bases, coupled with the expertise of Fusion and the contributions of Hill Cross Furniture, has resulted in a dining space that not only reflects the vibrancy of the Nando’s brand but also prioritises the comfort and enjoyment of its patrons. As the aroma of PERi-PERi chicken wafts through the air, guests are treated not just to a delightful culinary experience but to a visually appealing and functionally sound environment.

Nando’s South Woodford: 89-90 High Road, London E18 2NA

Being part of the NOROCK family has been and continues to be a pleasure. The product is, without doubt, the best table base on the market, and the collaborative working approach between us all just makes it even better.

Richard Barker, Owner & Founder – Hill Cross Furniture, UK

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