Shell House: A unique Sydney landmark combining history and contemporary design

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Shell House in Sydney combines historical significance, captivating design, and with the integration of our self-stabilising table bases, an exceptional alfresco dining experience.

Shell House

Location Sydney, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant, Bar, Function Venue
Specifier Design Nation, Anna Hewett, Woods Bagot

Nestled in the heart of Sydney, Shell House is a testament to the collaborative efforts of interior architects Woods Bagot, interior stylist Anna Hewett, and NOROCK distributor and furniture supplier Design Nation. This architectural marvel not only showcases innovative design but also offers an inviting alfresco dining experience. With our Parkway self-stabilising table bases seamlessly integrated into the outdoor area’s uneven concrete surfaces, Shell House particularly combines functionality and aesthetics.

The four spaces Shell House embraces the rich historical tapestry of Sydney, artfully blending it with contemporary design elements. Woods Bagot and Anna Hewitt have carefully considered the historical context of the site, infusing the structure with a sense of place. This remarkable fusion manifests through the preservation and integration of original architectural features, allowing Shell House to serve as a bridge between Sydney’s past and present. Visitors are transported on a journey that pays homage to the city’s history while experiencing the delights of modern design.

Menzies Bar on the ground floor stands as a captivating space for socialisation. Designed with meticulous attention to detail by Woods Bagot and interior stylist Anna Hewitt, this bar exudes an atmosphere of old-world elegance. Menzies Bar offers an escape from the bustling city, providing a haven for guests to unwind and enjoy a wide range of beverages in a stylish setting. With its chic furnishings supplied by Design Nation, the bar showcases a seamless integration of design elements, further enhancing the overall ambience of the Shell House experience.  The bar’s alfresco dining experience is made even more exceptional through the expert curation of furnishings, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to its outdoor area. Design Nation’s carefully selected pieces harmonise seamlessly, creating an inviting experience for diners. Amidst the challenges posed by uneven concrete surfaces, our next-gen self-stabilising table bases have been employed, ensuring stability and comfort for guests, while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the space.



Shell House is a journey upward through four innovations on Australian hospitality– each mixing sophistication, spontaneity, and theatricality into new genres of inner-city escapism.

Woods Bagot

Shell House is a testament to the visionary collaboration between Woods Bagot, Anna Hewett, and Design Nation. With its historical significance, exemplary design elements, and integration of our table bases, this architectural masterpiece offers a delightful alfresco dining experience that honours the past while embracing the future of design. Shell House serves as an inspiration for the fusion of history and modern interior design.

Shell House: 37 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000

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