Gabrielle Macdonald

Gabrielle Macdonald

Operations Lead

Gabrielle Macdonald is our friendly and dedicated Operations Lead, with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in administration and office management. Gabrielle brings her expertise to support the company’s operations and customer service. Her day-to-day responsibilities involve supporting staff, addressing customer queries, ensuring sufficient stock availability, and even chasing containers on the high seas!

Gabrielle’s journey to NOROCK was serendipitous. A casual lunch with a friend introduced her to the company, and she was instantly drawn to their passion for their innovative products.

NOROCK is such an amazing brand, a simple solution that solves such a huge problem. You don’t realise you’re sitting at a NOROCK table base until you’re not!

Outside of her role at NOROCK, Gabrielle loves spending time with her family. She hails from Perth, Western Australia, and after several years of working and travelling across Europe, particularly in Italy, she has settled in Fremantle with her husband and two children. They love spending time at the beach, exploring the beautiful coastal town of Dunsborough, and embarking on exciting journeys to their two favourite destinations — Italy and Indonesia.

When dining out, Gabrielle’s palate is drawn to seafood, while at home her family enjoys creating homemade pizzas. As Gabrielle continues to make a positive impact at NOROCK as the Operations Lead, she looks forward to embracing new challenges and contributing to the growth and success of the company.

Favourite NOROCK self-stabilising table base: Sol, both of us are new to the team.

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