The best self-stabilising table bases across the world?


NOROCK, the next generation self-stabilising table base solution, is found worldwide — and our distributors and their customers voted these three table bases as our best-sellers for 2021.

Look, we’re not saying this is the number one problem worldwide — we all know how the last two years have been — but this is a common problem worldwide. We’re talking about the wobbly table. The wobbly table has ruined dates, given businesses bad reviews, spilt drinks and generally just been a time-wasting hazard. Enter NOROCK self-stabilising table bases, the worldwide solution.

Our top 3 table bases for 2021 in Europe, Asia and Africa (see Australia and USA here) had four things in common:

  • They are all self-stabilising: like all our table bases they feature our patented self-stabilising mechanism. With its 5 year warranty our next-generation self-stabilising table bases are built to last — so buy one and be done.
  • They are all dining height: With many reconnecting for the first time with family and friends in a while, the sit-down and take your time style of the dining base reigned supreme.
  • They all provide both form and function. Looking sleek is one thing, but we needed our table bases to just work — and they sure do!
  • They are all size 27 — in the words of Goldilocks, they are “just right.”

Without further ado, here are our top 3 for 2021:

Bistrot 916 featuring NOROCK's Trail self-stabilising table bases outdoors

03. Trail 27:

Our Trail’s popularity is coupled with its devotion to form & function. Plus with its special zinc coating, it’s so ready for hanging out inside or outside.

The NOROCK Trail self-stabilising table base exemplifies modern simplicity. The linear, clean design and concealed componentry complements a robust construction for use in any setting

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Pictured project: Bistrot 916

At Neutral Cafe in Sydney

02. Parkway 27:

A hit with the interior design crowd, this self-stabilising table base has all the right angles. Loved worldwide, the Parkway suits a variety of spaces.

The NOROCK Parkway self-stabilising table base captures an industrial rawness. Angular and architectural, the exposed componentry and minimalist design illustrates the elements – crafted, zinc-plated steel, exposed fasteners and a dichotomous simplicity.

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Pictured project: At Neutral

Nando's Leicester Fosse Park with NOROCK Terrace

01. Terrace 27:

With 2021 being the year of outdoor dining, it’s no surprise this beauty is in the top 3. As well as being self-stabilising (like all our bases) this one also stacks and nests — perfect for storing and speedy set up/pack away. 

Functional and award-winning, the Terrace’s hallmark is its iconic nesting feature: Simply fold, then nest. With a special alodine coating offering great corrosion resistance and a high-quality powder coat, Terrace is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Pictured project: Nando’s Leicester Fosse Park

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