Matilda 159 Domain: One hat and a few self-stabilising table bases

NOROCK Trail self-stabilising table base

Chef and owner Scott Pickett has cultivated a wood-fired dream over at Matilda 159 Domain since its launch in 2018.

Matilda 159 Domain

Location Melbourne, Australia
Market Sector Restaurant
Specifier Anthology and JRF

With its moody and warm colour palette, subdued lighting and leather seating, Matilda 159 Domain’s interior design is directly reflective of the wood-fired oven that produces their incredible menu. Working in collaboration with interior designers Anthology and NOROCK partner James Richardson Furniture (JRF), NOROCK’s Trail self-stabilising table bases have been installed as a practical and aesthetic solution to ensure stability throughout the dining area.

With their meticulous attention to detail, Anthology has skillfully curated Matilda 159 Domain’s interior with a harmonious fusion of contemporary and rustic elements. Our Trail bases combine practicality and visual appeal to elevate the dining experience, seamlessly adapting to uneven surfaces. Diners can enjoy their meals without the annoyance of wobbly tables or the need for makeshift solutions (#savethenapkins!). The time-consuming task of adjusting tables to resolve stability issues is a thing of the past, allowing their staff to focus on providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable dining moments for their guests.

Matilda 159 Domain not only delights with its stunning interior design but also captivates the taste buds of all who enter with an exceptional array of food and beverage options. Led by acclaimed chef Scott Pickett, the culinary team at Matilda 159 Domain crafts a menu inspired by the diverse flavors of Australia. The restaurant focuses on showcasing the finest locally sourced ingredients, emphasising sustainable and ethical practices. From the starters to the mains and mouthwatering desserts, each dish is a masterpiece that showcases the team’s creativity and expertise. Complementing the exquisite food is an extensive beverage list featuring an impressive selection of wines, including both local and international labels. With the guidance of knowledgeable sommeliers, diners can discover the perfect pairing for their meal, enhancing the overall dining experience. Matilda 159 Domain’s commitment to exceptional cuisine, paired with its inviting ambiance, creates an unforgettable culinary journey that leaves guests eager to return for more delectable adventures.

Matilda 159 Domain’s commitment to culinary excellence has been recognised with One Hat by The Age Good Food Guide, a coveted honour in the Melbourne dining scene. The One Hat award is a testament to the exceptional quality and creativity found in every dish served at Matilda 159 Domain.

From its meticulous design to the incredible menu, Matilda 159 Domain offers a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on its visitors.

Matilda 159 Domain: 159 Domain Road, South Yarra VIC 3141 Australia

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