What is NOROCK to me?

Some of the NOROCK self-stabilising table bases team

Some of our team sat down to discuss what NOROCK self-stabilising table bases means to them, and while our answers vary, it's definitely so much more than just another table base.

The thing about NOROCK self-stabilising table bases? Like the very thing? Everyone in our team is very passionate about them. It’s not just a product we sell — it’s a product that answers a universal problem, a product a family created, a challenge that was there to be solved.

And we truly believe that every business which installs NOROCK, no matter how big or how small — from a tiny café to a restaurant chain, a residential care facility to an academic institution or a corporate office — understands its benefits immediately. Our self-stabilising table bases are saving money, they are saving time, and they are looking so fine while doing it.

So here we are, sitting down unscripted to discuss what NOROCK means to us, in order of appearance:

It just works. The functionality is beautiful, it's simple, it's devious, and you need it — everyone knows you need a table that doesn't rock.

Chris Heyring, Co-Inventor / Founder

So whether you've had NOROCK installed for years, or if you're new to self-stabilising table bases, please get in touch with us and tell us your story: info@no-rock.com. We know our next generation self-stabilising technology can work for your business, but more importantly, we know it can work well.

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